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Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by meagainstme, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. meagainstme

    meagainstme Well-Known Member

    i have a few issues with my gender and stuff [ah long explanation]
    well anyways, i registered for another forum due to being able to ask questions about it and unconfuse myself, however they cancelled my activation and when i asked why they emailed me back saying

    ''you just chose random letters as your user name
    you should choose a real username''



    sorry. rant over.
  2. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    The fact that they cancelled it over using "random" letters shows the level of maturity of that site leaders. You shouldn't go abck to that site if that's teh reasoning they gave :hug:
  3. meagainstme

    meagainstme Well-Known Member

    dont think i will lol

    idiots *throws rocks at them*
  4. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    Ack. What a stupid reason to cancel or reject a registration
  5. meagainstme

    meagainstme Well-Known Member

    we exchanged a few arsey emails and ive just left it now.

    dont know why some people have to make life unnecessarily difficult
  6. Cestmoi

    Cestmoi Well-Known Member

    Consider they may not want to activate a name comprised of random letters to avoid spammers/spambots.
  7. meagainstme

    meagainstme Well-Known Member

    i explained to them they were my initials and im not comfortable with putting my name on the internet and they were like ''we will not alter the rules for one individual and you can put a fake name''

    i do not want to be under a fake name...

    so yeh...
  8. Yeah, try using the Explosm.net forums. They suck balls there. They treated me terribly. They found my pic and said I looked like a lizard, that I was Lizard Queen, and they just always said all kinds of mean things to me. But I still kept going to it. I dunno why. I was always TOd (Time Out) for stupid stuff, like double posting, giving one worded replies, not contributing, making my posts too long, etc... I hate that place now. I had to quit going there because my friend determined that it was terrible for my self esteem.
  9. meagainstme

    meagainstme Well-Known Member

    omg thats horrible :hug:
    this word is so effing stupid. why do people feel the need to hurt others? they are so damn SICK!
  10. Yeah, the world is just a bunch of jackasses.