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    I never felt like I belonged here
    I could never fit in
    Yeah, I made friends and companions
    But it's all the same in the end

    My life is okay not too much drama
    My family's not normal, but not so much different
    So why should I come out being the way that I am
    Everything in my life is okay, isn't it?

    I remember when I was so young on a silent night
    Everyone was sleeping or atleast very quiet
    I was staring at the ceiling thinking about life
    And then suddenly all I wanted was to die

    I wish I never existed
    For no reason at all
    I wish I never existed
    It would be easier for all

    I wish I never existed
    It would be so simple for me
    I wish I never existed
    How selfish of me...

    The clock keeps ticking and the world keeps turning
    Night turns day turns to night turns to day
    And all I see are these figures just walking
    Talking and eating and working and living
    Seeing a life with meaning so vivid

    Happiness is a mentality, a state of mind
    Something I wish I could just pick up with time
    It's choice, a path, a dream, a goal
    It's something I wish I could come to know

    Take these dark shades and show me the light
    Tell me there's hope and everything will be fine
    Give me the strength the power to believe
    Show me the way to breathe and be free

    My mind is clouded though I don't know for how long
    Maybe just tonight, or maybe way to long
    Will a pill make my life better and change my perception?
    Or is it just temporary bliss and pure deception

    Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?
    Because if there is I'll gladly keep walking forward
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