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Ouija boreds.

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I kno wmany people don't believe these work, especially online but after what has just happened, I do, more than I did before.
First, I know that a lot of you are gonna think this all bull shit but I swear on my life that every word is the actual truth.
So I went on a Ouija Bored (online because my other real one got thrown out) but I was on it and I said 'Who are you?' it replied 'Lily' who is the name of my dead dog. I said how did you die? she replied she was murdered, our dog was put down. I asked where did you die? She replied 'vets.' I asked how old did you die? She said 13 which is how old my dog was. I know that some of these things can be fixed and the fact that it is online but, how owuld all this information be so exact? I really believe something went down and I'm telling you my heart was pounding as we have her ashes.
R.I.P Lily xxx
My friend I have nothing but love and respect for you. But PLEASE don't be fooled by AGE old victorian parlour tricks like oija boards! It is all psychological and expectation based. Dont fall for it, Dont be a sucker! The mond can do more powerful things than you think. Thats why theres some guy in every single belief system from witch doctors to Christianity that will show you 'material proof' that they can contract the dead/channel spirits/talk to God etcetera. Most importantly, believe what you want to believe but even MORE IMPORTANTLY than that, NEVER - EVER open your wallet for someone to comfort you with words!!! Thats what friends are for. And you got a whole bunch on here buddy!


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Don't mess with these insidious devices!
Regardless of whether they're messages from the beyond or just the sub-conscious, Ouija boards can cause fear, paranoia and mental illness.
Don't do them!


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Are online ones just as bad?
Also, I have been using Ouija Boreds for about two years, I never relised it but thinking now after what you have said I have been diagnosed with mental illnesses such as Paranoia and Borderline Personality Disorder. It just never came to mind :/


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Any Ouija seems to be bad for certain personality types.
I had some really bad experiences with Ouija boards when in my teens, to the point where I was convinced I was possessed.
Have heard nothing but bad stories from people who've dabbled and I don't think it matters a rats arse whether its a real mystical experience or just the sub-conscious speaking, for some these things are a real danger.
Dont mess with ouija boards, they invite bad spirits to pass over into the abode your in at the time. and this can lead to teh bad "deamons" haunting people.
So just be careful

(now i feel liek a nut job hahaha)


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I'd not usually ask someone to avoid something like the plague, but this Ouija Board is a dangerous thing in my book whether it be mental influence or something beyond the current scientific theory which states that dead is dead!

Back when we were stupid enough to dabble, a group of 4 or 5 of us would mess about.

After glasses going ice cold, flying up and getting smashed, and after various answers to difficult questions were correct, we got spooked out.

Ask any nurse or worker in the mental health field and you'll always find some people actually frightened to the point of severe mental breakdowns due to the Ouija.

Maybe its just that prone individuals with fragile minds might be just triggered by something when anything else may have had the same effect.

But I think there is something more to it - something that is not advised.

One of the worse incidents saw an entire family who witnessed some medieval figure stabbing a screaming child who had ran under some furniture. The child was real but the figure was either an apparition, some memory played back or mass hysteria seen by several adults and teenagers.

Who knows.

Either way I'd keep well away.


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just had a thought, anyone read "The Dice Man"?

In it the dice man makes every decision on the throw of a dice, ouijas can be exactly the same; found myself unable to make a move or decision until I'd consulted the ouija.....not a good place to be!


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I would say don't do anything occult-ish...it just drove me insane :P Even some meditations can be dangerous (like trance meditating)
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