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    It's not hard. It is giving. Our lives can be cast into many shades in life, but a promise is that something given will always resort in a return. When I was a child I remember standing in a hall while my mother was doing something in an office, I can't even tell you where it was - I was a child while my mom ran errands.

    An old man approached me and smiled, in his hand was a paper fan - he opened it to show a cardinal perched on a twig of a tree. He smiled and close the fan, reached out to my hand and gave it to me. Then walked away.

    I showed my mom, and she was a little spooked by it. But I wasn't. I really wish I still had it to this day, but it has been lost with the years and carelessness of what it was. But I remember the brown hallways, I remember the man, I remember the image of the paper fan. It was a gift.

    Over the weekend while I was buying a gift for my mother, I spent alot more money than I planned to on a huge assortment of flowers. A gentleman next to me was in awe about them and asked who they were for. I told him. He was very pleased by it, I asked what his arrangement was for and he also told me. Mind you he is a stranger. Once I was rung up and I guess he saw the price he was even more startled by it all. I told him:

    "Money is money, I didn't plan to spend this much, but money is just that - who cares". (and I stand by that, don't get the impression that I'm loaded, cause I'm not many times I find it hard to meet the ends of my week)

    After I talked to the sales person as we walked to my car, the florist left and I got in my car to leave. A knock on my window startled me to see a gentleman who was beside me earlier in the store. I rolled down the window and he dropped a gold coin in my hand.

    "This is for your graciousness" It was a golden dollar. Of course I didn't know that and asked him to tell me what it was and he did. I thought it was something of a rarity, and I suppose it is since its the only time I've ever had one.

    I thanked him, and he said:

    "Just pray for my mom, and I will pray for yours"

    My life has been surrounded by darkness, and it is my fault. I am feeling so much better for a certain line of events that have occured. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you should always think about other people even if your life is folding in on you. A gift will return on you 10-fold, or atleast one golden dollar in my case. But I have more coming to me you can count on that.

    Life can be dark and scary but when you stand up and give to a stranger, or give to somebody, or strive to do what is right. You repel such a darkness, your soul becomes lighter and you can see what our natural gift can do for others. So next time your out and about and see somebody who is need of help, or sad, or maybe a stranger who does a good deed. Sometimes you can do more than you think by just patting them on the shoulder, giving them what they need, or just a smile. It dosen't always take a 1$ to do it, but even thinking about kindness is one step in the right direction in a world of selfishness.
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