Our house was broken into this morning.....

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The biggest loser ever to live.
We just came back from a party and discovered one of our back windows was smashed, the upstairs was a complete mess with drawers and boxes everything. They combed through the whole house and took $1000 in cash and $1000 in jewelry.

We did file a police report and everything and I hate to be a pessimist, but I'm doubting they'll catch the bastards or get the money back.

We've never been robbed before, I'm feeling really depressed and scared right now. We live in such a nice neighborhood as well.......sigh.........

:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:


The biggest loser ever to live.
Thanks, I really hope so to, but I have a feeling we'll never know the culprits and get our stuff back. I don't like to be a pessimist.

These guys at least weren't stupid, they used gloves and the police couldn't find any fingerprints or any evidence. Those assholes left behind the tool they used to break our locked doors and trunks.


The biggest loser ever to live.
I and my parents just went to a neighbors party and my fucking dad all drunk and shit was laughing and his friends were all talking about a recent string of house breakins in the area, that bastard told me to come to the party to cheer me up but I only got more depressed and I left after being there for only 10 minutes and I'm back here.

I just can't beleive those fucking robbers went through our house, I hope they come again and this time kill me.....

I'm so depressed right now, I was already worried about starting college next month and the apartment near it is in a much worse neighborhood than where I live. I hope some punk just comes and kills me, ends my fucking misery and pain.

I'm now getting paranoid, I'm going to live in fear for the rest of my life..........hopefully I can talk to that phycologist about this shit on Wednesday.



The biggest loser ever to live.
Damn, I'm going crazy, I won't be able to sleep now at night, I'll always be afraid for the rest of my life about my home getting burgaled.
I can't beleive those assholes walked around the house like that while I was gone to a party, its so disgusting I want to puke.
I guess I am overreacting.....


I'm sorry you were robbed. I woudl feel scared and depressed, too, if that happened to me. Living in a nice nieghborhood makes it worse because you're not expecting it. The cops will do all that they can. I hope things work out and that you start feeling better. (Good luck with college, too!)


The biggest loser ever to live.
Thanks a lot, it means a lot to me, thank you.
I'll try to stick around here for a while as well. :smile:

I never, ever thought this sort of thing would ever happen to me.
I'm just so disgusted to see that those fucking shitheads walked around our house, took our all of our drawers, broke our suitcases and boxes to find any cash, any valuables, those bastards.

And our home insurance has a very, very high deductable, they aren't gonna give us any compensation.

I just hope this shit will never ever happen to us again.

I don't think they'd hit the same house twice would they?
We didn't even have a home security system, my dad now plans to get one. We also forgot to turn on the lights when we went out, something we usually do.

I know being depressed isn't gonna get that money or jewelry back, I should just be strong and move on, but its so hard.......may those fucking bastards rot in hell. I wish I could find them and personally blow their brains out with a shotgun, make me feel a lot better.
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:( Sorry to hear about the break in. It sucks. :hug: It's natural to be scared but you've done the right thing and told the police. All you can do now is to wait and see if they find the people who did this and hopefully the police will find your stuff. If there's been a string of break ins in the area you live in then the police must be hot on their tail and they ain't likely to let a case like this go. Make sure you lock your doors and don't leave anything valuable in view of the windows, or within reach if the windows are left open. Also, if you have a car don't leave bags and it's also advised you take out the radio because thiefs go for stuff like that. I'm not going to lie, it has happened in the past when robbers have been back to properties but they would be highly stupid if they break in to your house again. Ensure that you keep up with the security and hopefully things will sort out.
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