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    couple of weeks ago johnny was 35 yrs old.. it has been an adventure thru all that time for katie his mother and the 3 of us.. first off i am so glad that we have all been together intimatly thru it all..

    first 10 yrs or so were kind of scary.. our son was in a living nightmare.. tantruming, screaming and attacking all that got near to him.. he knew all too well that he was different than everyone else.. and it was unknown how to fix that..

    serverely autistic, non verbal, assautlive and alone for the most part in his own living hell.. when katie and i and his teachers were not hiding for our safety behind closed doors, we kept trying always to give him nothing but our love best we could at the time.

    about teenaged years john gradually landed on earth with everyone else.. a smile and a laugh sometimes.. katie and i never thought that would happen and made it all worth it truly.

    katie's childhood caught up with her in the 1990's.. came back at her full force and she had to leave us in the house and get away to try and cope with all the stuff that was attacking her on all fronts... 38 psychiatric hospitalizations in 3 yrs.. john and i visited her throughout ..

    katie came back to earth finally.. about that time severe depression settled in my being.. took me 12 yrs or so to be able to fight and get out of the bad assed blues... grandma's inheritence came to me after my parents were gone from this earth.. i got medical coverage and Tara a god blessed therapist for me and zoomies. we still have her 8 yrs later.. everything has been said and faced and mostly put behind me..

    now mommy and daddy and zooms are in a much better and happier place.. smiles and brief giggles are put forth couple of times each day ..

    demons have mostly gone away.. the look on johnny's face with me and katie is one of trust , love and he just knows we will try our darndest all the time to do right and best for our son Johnny.
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    Your story is an inspiring one, Jim. :) I'm so glad you survived your challenges. You guys are lucky to have eachother! Sending friendship, hugs and wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Hello jim,you must be a mind reader,I always read your posts in the coffee shop and see you talk of johnny and Katie each day. To be honest I wasn't entirely sure of your relationships with them and I didn't like to ask as I felt like I should know.
    What an amazing journey you've all been on,to hell and back by all accounts! having all this to deal with would sink many people and it really is a heart warming story.
    I think you are all very lucky to have each other and I now see how johnny brings you so much joy. Thankyou jim
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    ((Zasu and Mark)) happy thanksgivings to both of you.. thank you..

    the old saying i really do not like very much sticks with me all the time... WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU , MAKES YOU STRONGER...

    katie and my childhood's were a living hell.. to put it right we both agreed silently from the start what was done to us would never be done to johnny.. we have kept that unspoken vow always..
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    I am so thankful on this Thanksgiving day that things are so much better for you...and how fortunate Johnny is to have people who love him so unconditionally...that is a real testimony to you, J...wishing you continued success on this special day
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    ((Sadeyes)) thank you.. hope today is a very good one for you too..
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    That's when I would have put him up for adoption.
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    Ent, that is the difference tween us.. we love each other unconditionally always and you would have missed out on the 20 great years that followed.. still going on now.. Jim and Katie and John