Out of touch with reality

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by Hache, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Hache

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    Never had a proper girlfriend or relationship so when there is someone I like I fall too hard. Infatuation kicks in and is unbearable. The doubts, the questions, do I have a chance, when will I see her again, will she be out tonight, what do I say, how do I get her.

    I dont feel desperate but I clearly am. Years of depression and lonliness and then along comes this person who you really want, you dont even know them well they just smile at you, maybe they do one little thing which you then interpret as something else and fall for them, fall hard.

    The only way to get over it is for that person to break you, deny you, that way you can go home, break down for a few days, feel like shit then move on.

    I dont think people normally fall the way I do, it is depression, lonliness and inexperience. But it is unbearable to take while you wait to see them again and hope to find out if you have a chance.

    Not sure if anyone else goes through this? Or if anyone knows how to get back to reality?
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    Look on the bright side: atleast you have someone to care about and talk to and stuff.

    I've never even had a female friend, yet alone anything you're experiencing
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    You are wanting companionship someone to care about you You feel perhaps too much but as long as you can just be yourself not overdue things then that other person will be like you for you okay I hope all goes as you want it but be prepared if it does not