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I spent four months saving and planning for tonight.
I went to concert.that ws unreal.
But I was alone.i went to a bar then.not one person spoke to me.
I.didnt have one person to text or ring after.
The psych said that wouldnt happen if I was away from home.
But it was the same tonight.
I honestly cant take anymore.no one speaks to me.
My family didnt know where I was goin.
I didnt get one call or nessage from them.
I I died now nobody would notice.
Im so alone.i dont know what I did to deserve this
I cant take it anymore I wish the pain was gone


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Why me ?
Ive always been a good person.why does no one want me.
I cant go on like this.i swear I wish id never been born
I have not one person.
I dont want to wake up and feel this pain.it cuts holes in my heart.
I want to rip chunks from myself.
I want to die
I'm sorry too, starryeyed. :console:

I hope the concert was fab though and good for you for going.

Just remember other people are strange - we're the normal ones! ;)


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I came back after being gone nearly 24 hours and no one spoke to me or asked was I ok or where was I ? How is that normal.
I know theres something going on and ill probobly need a solicitor to help me
If my sister is gone out for half an hour my parents fret.
I deliberately told not a soul I was going cos I knew theydidnt care.
Most other parents would called the guards


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Hey starry :hug: im sorry that your parents do not show you the love and care you need. Its a horrible feeling to be so alone. I do understand because i lived in my bedroom alone by myself for 8 years only going to school and home with no friends to talk to. People can be cruel but you have friends here who genuinely care about you much love always sarah xxx


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Its not normal for no one to speak to me.i have discovered that foreigners speak to me cos they dont know.until someone tells them to keep away from me.
A random Spanish person spoke to me today he thoughy I was from spain.he was the only person to speak to me all night.
I tried talkin to guy in the chipper but he jst made out I had a drinking problem.
I wasnt even drunk.
All I get it people being nasty to me
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