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Outraged !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by cutiepie132, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. cutiepie132

    cutiepie132 Well-Known Member

    I've been depressed since Wednesday, no matter what, I just can't seem to feel better. I am so stressed out and my anxiety level has hit it's all time high. I think I need medication but I hate to have to call my dr when I have just been there twice recently.

    Wednesday, I was doing my clinicals and had only 2 days left to finish. I had bronchitis/ear infection/upper respiratory infection since thursday the week before from catching it at work. Both MA's and the PA were sick and they don't believe all that much in infection control. Tuesday, I went to the dr for meds. Wed I was feeling really awful, from that, lack of sleep because of, and I have a rheumatoid disease I am dealing with as well.

    The school calls my site and asks them to give me more hands on training, my training has sucked pretty bad. After lunch, they decide to do so. At 2:30 I have them sign my time sheet and I go home. My hrs are 8:30 to 2:30 every day. I worked an extra 1/2 hr that day. They knew I was sick.

    When I get home, my school calls me and tells me the supervisor says for me not to come back, said I left early (excuse me have my time sheet you *****!), she says I got smart and cussed her out and the entire time I was there I complained I didn't want to do anything. I have documented proof of how I did through messages to my school so let her sorry ass go ahead and lie on me like that.

    She failed me on most everything on my skills evaluation form and said in the comments they were too busy to teach someone that obviously did not want to be there.

    When the instructor was telling me all this, I was crying my eyes out. I was so upset.

    They said I failed my clinicals and would have to repeat my course. Well excuse me but don't think so. I would lose my grant with school. And for what, a ***** that wants to make up shit about me that isn't so. Yeah right. I was going to get a lawyer so the school ended up calculating my grades and even though I failed the skills form, my other grades were good enough that I could pass.

    She ruined my grades because I was on the dean's list. I am not NO WAY putting up with this.

    My training was horrible, I was exposed to bloodborne pathogens cause an MA can't wear gloves or wash her hands. bullshit.

    Enjoy HIPAA and OSHA on your hindends for what all you did.. All I have to say.

    Thing is, I am so hesitant about going to externship. It has been delayed a month because they have to find a site for me. That's a month I could have been working but I have been knocked out of that.

    People, I sware. Some are great, they really are. But then you have these rotten one's that make you want to crawl in a hole, turn antisocial, and never come back out.

    I am so upset and hurt, I can't hardly stand it.

    I do not want that stuff on my permanent record with school. It is not at all fair. I can do the skills she failed me on and I can prove it with another site. I just don't know if the school is going to agree to that.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You are right hun some people can be outright cruel but you fight ok you get lawyers if you have to a nd you get this instructor looked at
    There are teachers instructors who just are out to make peoples lives hell. I do hope they allow you to be retested and i hope by another clinical instructor
    Once you have graduated none of this will matter hun ok you will get a position and leave this all behind hugs
  3. cutiepie132

    cutiepie132 Well-Known Member

    She wasn't my teacher or instructor. She was the supervisor at a doctor's office. I was doing my clinicals there and the MA and adminstrative staff was supposed to train me but they did a horrible job. She didn't even see me do my work, but she was allowed to lie on me, and then grade my skills. Yeah.. I am trying to find a lawyer to help me, I turned it in to HIPAA, and I don't know if that is who I was supposed to turn it into or not. I have proof to some degree she's nothing but a liar.

    I am tired of stressing over this but I can't stop. Not going to feel better until she has Karma kicking her one in the ass !!!!!!!!!!!

    If that means I have to go take a lie detector test and prove my point, I will..
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