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over active brain=insomnia

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yet again another night where i cant sleep. i sit here at the computer and i am sleepy but as soon as i law my head down on the pillow or mattress i am wide awake. very much annoying and has been going on since about march. it use to be that i would law down and after about 20 minutes i would go to sleep. but now i can be awake for hours! i have seen the doctor about this and they gave me advice but most of it has no helped. the only think that did work as a herb but i prefer not to take it. every time i take Valerian i end up having weird dreams that disturb even me. that's pretty damn bad.

so now i just lay here in bed getting more and more frustrated. things i have done to help my self is setting up my room so that i would only use the bed for sleep, its a 1 bedroom studio so i cant vacate the entire room. i have tried to meditate after 5 minutes of it i feel relaxed but again as soon as i say down i am wide awake and my brain wants to think about anything and everything. i have tried to do relaxing things before bed and i have tried to work out before bed to get me to sleep quicker. i have tried keeping a schedule and changing my eating habits but none of it fucking works!. i have also thought bout the stresses in my life but none of them are sever enough to keep me awake. that leave just one thing left, my brain is just too active. i get bored laying there in bed and i imagine things that entertain me, next thing i know 20 or more minutes have gone by and i am still awake.

all i want is my mind to be quiet and let me sleep. i have gone through life and heard people say that wish they had more active imaginations but trust me its not a good thing. you get board and distracted very easily and end up wasting a lot of time that could be put to more valuable things, like school work. i find it very annoying to take 3 hours on homework that should take me only one and it just because my damn mind wont stop daydreaming.

i am going to try and stay up for the next 19 hours, that will be roughly 10pm here. i will try to not nap and hopefully i will sleep come 10pm.

well my rant is over for now.

i hope everyone else has been feeling well lately.


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Have exactly the same problem and it drives me nuts!
Of course once I do sleep I can sleep forever which means the day is gone and my sleep clock is screwed!
Have done exactly what you are doing now, just gave up and stayed awake then when I did lie down I was out for the count in seconds.
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