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Over stressed - feeling like giving up

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by sadcat, Jun 18, 2014.

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  1. sadcat

    sadcat Well-Known Member

    I feel so over stressed - i do not know how to do any of this any more.

    So many problems -
    1. need to refinance my mortgage to lower the cost per month. We are dropping our funds/resources much too fast.
    2. need to get a new sleep apnea machine. been 2 months and still don't have a new machine. I keep waking up during the night gasping for breath. my old machine is breaking down. and I am worried that the new machine will not help me, sice they are giving me a much less resourceful machine this time.
    3. need to figure out a new diet to live with. am getting told by a number of doctors that I am too thin and droppping weight much too fast (as a carry over from my previous 5 years of dieting).
    4. am in the midst of a cold and asthma attack prompted by the cold. am struggling to breathe and am coughing all day long.
    5. my pain level is very high. had a problem with hand pain a couple days ago and over medicated accidentally with an exteranl hand cream compound. was bloated , nauseous, dizzy, and had a rash for 5 hours.
    my leg pain is very bad recently and i have been relying on my cane more all the time. pain in my upper back near the spinal cancer has been increasing recently. no idea how to even approah thta issue. Hip pain is very bad - pain is from being bone on bone .
    6. am so worn out from working with so many diffeent doctors and their staffs and techs. Recently changing to a new pulminary doctor.
    7. need to change hospitals - recent problems at the local hospital have convinced me that they are not acceptable. slowly changing doctors to a new hospital, but it is a huge task.

    I just feel that it is impossible to handle all of these problems - am so close to giving up.

  2. islandification

    islandification Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a really tough time for you right now. One thing I can say is don't pay anyone money up front to get mortgage help. These are all scams.
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