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over the edge

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i'm sorry to have to say good bye, but tonite has sent me over the edge. i can do no more. i have had all i can stand. i'm sorry if i've let you down.


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you've not let anyone down.
but please reach out to someone before you do anything.
you may not believe it but your life is important.
please take care.


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Liz, you can get through this. I know things have gone beyond what you feel you can handle, but I know you can do this. Take a deep breath. Tomorrow is a new day. Check into Le-ap and see what they can offer, if anything. They may have some other programs as well. Get through tonight first. Make sure you and the kids are safe. Take care hun. I am thinking of you and trying to come up with some options. I won't give up if you don't. :hug:
i don't feel like i have a choice anymore. things are beyond my repair. i'll never be able to straighten everything out. i'm so sorry i've tried.
i've been fighting my entire life and i'm tired of it. i can't get anything straight. i screw everything up. my illness is a constant hinderance. i just can't keep going like this. i'm only kiddin' myself if i were to think i could.


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Hun, you need to believe me on this.

You ca get through this, just hang in ther for a couple of dayes and then tell your therapist how you feel.
well, that's a whole other issue as you know that i've been dealing with. if it wasn't for you guys i would totally be alone right now. i do just want to disappear, forever.
i will leave the library here and i will be alone. i can't do this anymore. that is insanity. i wish you could hear my voice right now and how desperate i feel.


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as stress relief that is good

but serriously if you try to hurt yourself or do something silly. hun

or I will come over ther and kick yr ass, :hug:
maybe i should just get going...i'm such a loser sucky therapist as i may have but wouldn't it be good to talk about now. i am sorry i've let you all down. i really am.


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Hun, you are not a loser
and you haven't let us down.

We have told you that, we arn't lieing its about time you listened to that
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