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  1. Shauna Lea

    Shauna Lea Staff Alumni

    I feel like it's really the end for me. I've spent years searching for a way out of this dark hole, i felt like i was finally making my way to the light until last nite. I was with him, then his morning he regrets it and i feel like the scum of the earth. He said he'd call to see if i was ok...no phone call. He said he loved me and this is what he wanted....he lied. He said i was strong enough...he was wrong!

    I think christmas is the end. I want to give my family one last celebration with me...ill wear my smile for each and every minute...but on the 26th my parents go away and the moment I'm alone, it's over! I wonder if he will cry? I wonder if he will want to b with me then? I wonder if he will have regrets? I wonder if everyone will finally believe me?

    I've written my letter, i took alot of time to write it. I have my method which is very effective.

    I love the people around me so much...too much! And if they loved me they would understand that i have to go..they wouldnt want me to live in this hell i call my life.

    My heart is far too broken to beat much longer...:sad:
  2. jane doe

    jane doe Well-Known Member

    HI. well the desition you`ve just made it`s a tought one. i wonder why do we need of the other people to keep ourselves alive. i don`t know what happened between you, and i don`t think you would want to tell me, but i think that he doesn`t worth your life. I mean, if i were you, i`ll be thinking of something to FORGET not to let myself fall apart. Nobody diserves your tears, and less your life. Doesn`t matter who you are, or what you`ve done or what you didn`t do. You need to worry about what life will give you. Would you lose the opportunity to live a happy life ( doesn`t matter with who) because a liar? People won`t understand it, they will feel they couldn`t do anything to save you, and that they weren`tthere 4 you when you needed them. When you talk about your life, you talk about other`s people lives too
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