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  1. Once this holiday Monday ends, it's over. I'm tired of trying to help people who just use me for advice they don't take and people who yell at me, rather than to yell at the people who are really hurting them. I have enough to die, and finally for once since September last year, I feel strongly enough to leave this place and to go be where I'm appreciated, unlike this pathetic world. Fuck it all!
  2. Shadowlands

    Shadowlands Official SF Hugger Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    I don't yell at you Kurt :hug: Stay safe!
  3. No you don't Jani. :hug:

    Other people do though, after they abuse my emotions by discrediting my advice, simply because it doesn't fit into their comfort zone. Others simply don't want to hear the truth which they already know, because it further shatters the illusion which they have made in order to keep themselves sane, even though in the end, that illusion will shatter them. I try to be a friend. I spend hours talking with them, tying to help prevent them from making major mistakes in their lives, and to prevent them from worse emotional suffering. Yet, they either ignore me or to tell me to go away. So fine! Be that way then! I'm fucking tired of being discriminated, neglected, rejected, and pushed aside. I have been told by people about how selfless I am. That has caused me to be emotionally abused for far too long and I'm tired of it. I am going to help myself by going away from this world for good and away from all of the people who hurt me/want to hurt me.
  4. ~PinkElephants~

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    I don't have many words to offer. I suck when it comes to trying to say the right thing. I think Kurt, you should worry about you more and less about others. Obviously they don't take the advice you give so, stop. Don't let them take the last bit of life out of you. If they want to sit there and carry on and not take some reasonable advice then that's on their head. You shouldn't have to carry the weight of other's issues on your shoulders. People tend to not want to hear the truth, that's why they dislike people who offer them truth. It does shatter the little box they've but themselves in, but sooner or later that box will cave.

    You need to worry about making you better. I don't think dying is a solution Kurt. It never is. Worry about working through your issues, whatever they may be. Worry about fixing what's broken within you and not what's broken within others. You don't deserve to be used, neglected, rejected, etc. No one does. You deserve to be happy and loved.

    Take care of yourself Kurt. I'm around if you need to vent. I may not offer up decent advice but I'm still willing to listen.
  5. Thank you, Kells. I agree with you about how people are. I have spent alot of time trying to help other people. I appreciate those who appreciate me and at least give me some way of knowing that I've helped them. Not necessarily in saying, "thank you", however, by taking some of the advice and applying it to their lives. I will try to do so with your advice and I hope that it makes me a stronger person.

    If I succeed, it should put me in a better situation. If i fail, then I'll know that at least I tried, fighting whatever gets in my way, which I hate. I'm tired of having to "fight", when others get what they want by being so easily accepted. That in itself, is an even bigger problem for me than my disability is. Acceptance. Yet society is so greedy, and it'll only accept that which is like itself. Anything else, is a tool to be used for their convienience and to be disposed of when it is no longer useful. I am experienced in having been hurt by society. I have taken my knowledge from it, in order to try to help others who have been hurt by society. Yet, they try to conceal that hurt so well, that when confronted with it by a friend who is trying to help them defeat it, at least in some regard, they lash out against that friend, rather than to lash out against the illusion brought forth by that friend. They don't face the reality when it takes them out of their comfort zone. Yet, then they wonder why their so-called "friends" aren't around to support them with the negative feelings about life. Real friends support those with problems and are honest with their feelings and about the reality of the troubling situations that bother them. Perhaps those so-called "friends" are tired of being pushed away by the hurt person who doesn't want to face the situation properly. Instead, they end up hurting their friends, rather than their enemies who are afflicting them by "evil". Also, it makes them question whether that "evil" is really true, or if it is in fact the illusion, used in attempt to try to gain sympathy from the friends.

    Basically, I was told by one friend, that I didn't know the reality about their situation, after I had spent hours talking with them, trying to learn about the situation which they presented to me. By them doing so, then telling me that I don't know the reality of their situation, means that either they lied to me about their situation, or they are lying to me about my not knowing, Either way, they are cowering within the illusion that they create, blocking out anything which might attempt to shatter that illusion, in hopes that they don't get hurt badly in the end. The other friend, got angry at me for being direct. I told them that they ought to question the motives of the person who they were once with, the person who is now trying to destroy them. My friend got angry at me because I tried to shatter the illusion of which is that the person actually was genuine in positives toward them. Yet, it doesn't make sense how the person could ever have been genuine, in any other way besides negatives, when they are trying to destroy my friend. It is a shame that my friend took their frustration out against me, rather than productively putting it toward someone who genuinely seems to hate them.

    I am so frustrated by all of this, and it is destroying me. I should not allow it to destroy me. Yet, I feel so destroyed already by everything else in my life, that this just is additional pain, which of course, I don't need.
  6. BioHomocide

    BioHomocide Well-Known Member

    Tell people no! You don't have to help everyone who asks or everyone you see.
    I don't know you but you sound like a nice caring person and you don't deserve to die or suffer from suicidal feelings. Please don't do anything drastic over stupid people. I'm not gonna judge you on how you feel or get hypocritical all I can do is hope whatever you do is because you want to do it and not because others make you feel like doing it.

    You don't know if there is a heaven or a hell.... There are people that can appreciate you now.
  7. innocencexisxlove

    innocencexisxlove Well-Known Member

    I agree with everyone else. IF they are going to be stupid enough to refuse the sensable advice, then stop giving it to them. Don't waste your life time, trying to help others, who aren't going to listen. It's like talking to a wall. You can say whatever you want to that wall, but you're not going to get any reaction.

    I do that sometimes.:oops: I do that, because a lot of the time, I don't want to accept reality.. it's hard. And I apologise, even though I've never done it to you, I just never realised how hard it must be, to hear from people, refusing the advice you spent hours giving :\

    Please. Don't let them stop you. It's stupid of them, but don't let their stupidity cause a life. :] You're a good person. I can tell. We need you to stay.

    *Please PM me if you ever need to talk. I'm always a good listener*Well reader**
  8. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    It's a noble thing to help others and to give advice but it's up to those people if they want to take it in or not.
  9. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    I no exactly how you feel.I was in group therapy for a short while, when during one meating this woman in the group said my thoughts were totally unacceptable. There was a therapist running the show and she didn't say a word to this woman. I haven't been back there since this incident. My therpist i see on a regular basis said she would like to meet this person so she could bitch slap her. Her few words set me back six months in therapy.
    The only advice I will give you is deal with one day at a time. I feel kind of hypricrital Sharing my thoughts when I am all screwd up myself. Take baby steps and don't get uptight with yourself if you slip just get up and dust yourself off. Good Luck,:chopper:
  10. Thank you for your responses.

    I haven't heard from either of the people since yesterday. I figure that they have made their decision to avoid me, which is sad, considering that I tried to be a good friend to them. I am surprised that one of them hasn't even tried to contact me at all, considering that my advice to them was much more basic than the advice that I told to the other person. I suppose that the person thinks of me as worse than their ex, simply for stating my opinion about that ex. For them, it seems to be all about that comfort zone, rather than the reality.
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