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    A good post I saw over on ross enamait's blog(he trains fighters) www.rosstraining.com/blog:

    Despite the fact that it’s a professionally produced commercial, the video below delivers a powerful message.


    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen similar situations play out in the real world. This evil voice has deceived many. Even accomplished athletes are often susceptible to the deceit.

    Just last week I had an athlete overcome his own inner voice on a brutal mountain road. As we neared the end of the run, I sensed that the evil voice was whispering in his ear. It had already been a strenuous day in the gym for him, and the mountain served as a finisher (and mental test).

    The steep conclusion to the road gave his inner voice a perfect opportunity to appear. It sensed the struggle, and jumped at the opportunity to break him. I was getting ready to chime in when out of nowhere, a woman who saw us from her yard blurted out, “Don’t stop now, you are almost there. You can’t stop now!”

    She caught us both by surprise. Neither of us could see her. She probably thought she was talking to a casual jogger. She was actually talking to a top ranked pro fighter. Yet oddly enough, it was her words that silenced his inner voice. He finished the last quarter mile with an effort that took me by surprise.


    The inner voice tries desperately to block everything but its annoying tone. It will say anything to fool you into quitting. In our case, it was beginning to control the situation until a third party spoke up. Her unexpected words snapped him back to reality. He shook off the kryptonite and regained the strength that had existed all along.

    Success was determined by the mind. Clearly, the body was capable of completing the run. The fact that he finished it is all the proof that we need. The inner voice was trying to block his ability however. It tried desperately to fool him.

    In my opinion, the significance of this situation is monumental. So often I see people arguing over workout systems, rep schemes, periodization models, and supplement usage. I can only imagine how many gigabytes of bandwidth have been wasted on similar message board debates.

    What many fail to realize however is that our ability to block the inner voice is often more important than any other variable. If you lack the ability to dig down and fight through difficult obstacles, it won’t matter what pills you pop or what you use for a routine. When the going gets tough, you are going to break. Learning to block this voice and tap into your hidden resources is perhaps the single most important discovery an athlete could ever make. A determined athlete who refuses to quit will succeed with almost any routine. Determination can turn nothing into something.

    Don’t overlook the importance of these individual factors. More often than not, you have much more potential than you’ll ever realize.
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    Thank you, this is helpful.
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    Thought I might add this on controlling emotions.


    "In this report, I will present some of the most powerful ways to gain control over your own emotions. For most of us, our emotions seem to take over automatically, influencing how we think and how we behave, and consequently, how we conduct our lives. You can vastly increase your personal power by imposing more and more conscious control over your emotional states. Furthermore, your personal power tends to decrease to the extent that you indulge in negative emotions. Negative emotions, which have a biological usefulness, are largely destructive in modern humans living in our artificially enhanced environments. I might also add that many of us habitually abdicate control of our negative emotions without ever realizing that doing so amounts to a tremendous waste of our lives."
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