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  1. fsphoenix

    fsphoenix Active Member

    Too weary to continue along the path
    Shoulders slumping at last
    Back bowed by the weight
    Burden too great after all
    Knees buckling in the end
    Falling to the stony earth
    Breathing in the choking dust
    Light fading, eyes closing
    Too weak for all but thought
    Lying along the windblown trail
    Praying for the end
  2. spawn

    spawn New Member

    i know exactly how you feel, its like i wrote it myself, minus the beautiful imagery
  3. ari

    ari Staff Alumni

    the weariness is sometimes where life leads
    the weight you speak of is sometimes the limit of the pain
    the tolerance is low when it mounts to the sky
    take care, try and share, what there is
    the earth can comfort you for moments in time
    but let those above ground that understand
    give you a hand
    i know this may not be the prayer you seek
    but alas sometimes they come at your most weak
    from something above or around
    most times from someone you love
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.