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  1. neko-chan

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    hi.. so every morning when i wake up.. i usually start feeling anxious about going to work.. it's like that every single day.. i wake up and start panicking about how i could deal with all the stress and pressure at work.. normally, i would just watch funny videos online to get my mind off things.. and to at least get by.. but recently, i've been feeling so down and depressed that i nothing really appeals to me.. and all i ever wanted is to finally end my life to just get over it.. lately, all that ever stops me from killing myself is the thought that i know i'll hurt my family..

    i'm wondering what you guys do whenever you feel anxious.. it would really help me a lot.. thanks..
  2. Petal

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    I suffer from chronic anxiety. To take my mind off of it, I usually come on here and talk to others, I find if I talk about what I am worrying about it usually does help. Along with that I listen to meditation every day, here is a great link that always relaxes me, they are guided meditations and are really worth trying http://marc.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=22&oTopID=22

    Other than that are you on any medication for anxiety? I take valium mostly for anxiety but am also on zyprexa and lyrica for anxiety. Is therapy an option for you? It can really help to take the weight off of your mind. I wish you all the best oh and exercise is great to relieving anxiety as well :)
  3. neko-chan

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    thanks i haven't seen a therapist yet.. so i'm not taking any medications..
  4. Petal

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    A therapist cannot prescribe medications, a psychiatric doctor does, or your GP(MD) general doctor, just thought I'd let you know in case you are under the impression the therapist will be the prescriber.The chat room here (bottom right hand side) can be a great distraction too, filled with people who understand, can't beat it :)
  5. neko-chan

    neko-chan Well-Known Member

    ah ok.. that's good to know.. i haven't seen any professionals for that matter.. thanks..
  6. Unknown_111

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    Hi, please see a therapist as the feelings you experience currently can be reversed. You need to remain calm which can be done by walking or other forms of exercise. You have to calm and keep posting here. Are you medication yet for your feelings?
  7. neko-chan

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    i'm not taking any medications as of now.. everyday is like a roller coaster ride of emotions.. some days are more difficult than others.. i sometimes even consider just not going to work.. years ago i got myself fired from work because of too much absences.. that year was the worse.. i even felt physically ill during that time.. and i even vomit or dry heave before i go to work.. i just don't want to go to work..

    now, there are times that i am too anxious for work that my hands start shaking, i have difficulty in breathing and my chest hurts.. there are even days that i refuse to go to sleep.. just so it won't be morning soon.. i know it's irrational but that's how i feel.. i usually stay really late at night just so i can extend that day and so that the next day won't come sooner..

    during the holidays, instead of gaining weight from all the festivities, i lost a few pounds because i keep having depressing thoughts.. i can't eat properly and all i want to do is stay in my room..

    i know i should see a therapist.. i know i need professional help.. but i just don't know where to find a good one.. honestly, mental health is not really a priority in my country.. so even if i want to seek help.. i don't know where to find it.. and i'm ashamed to ask somebody about it.. it's difficult enough that i'm suffering from anxiety.. i don't want the additional burden of people feeling sorry for me..
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    It may not be a priority but there will be Dr (most any doctor in fact as all do a period of psych training for the basics) capable of treating simple symptoms like you describe even in the absence of top notch psycho-therapy to alleviate the causes. Whether through therapy or simple very well known common anxiety meds which unlike depression medications are very seldom trial and error, getting help can be done. So far as being a burden by making people feel sorry for you, I assure you - particularly in a country like yours with 2nd tier mental health services, no professional is going to be overcome with feeling sorry for you- perhaps the opposite is more of an issue in which case need to simply remember you are doing it for yourself and to make yourself more capable so the end result is worth the headaches of asking (and feeling better everyday is in fact worth a fair amount of difficulty for an hour). Nobody else needs to know what meds you are taking or why unless you choose to tell them. If you do nto want to be bogged down with people feeling sorry for you or looking at you differently/treating you differently then simply get treatment and do not explain in detail the what or why.
  9. neko-chan

    neko-chan Well-Known Member

    thanks.. i'll really try to seek professional help as soon as i could.. but for now.. i'll just try to at least get by each day..
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  10. CDBiggen

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    I can't say I know exactly what you're going through, but everything you've described just sounds so similar to how I feel in so many ways. Severe anxiety just controls you and weakens you so quickly.
    In answer to your question, whenever I feel anxious (which is more often than I'd like) sometimes I stop whatever I'm doing, give myself five maybe ten minutes and breathe steadily. And this probably sounds stupid but I also talk to myself to kind of encourage me; walk myself through what I'm doing. Everyone's different, maybe what works for me won't work for you but hopefully we can find something that does!
    You are definitely not alone my friend! if you ever want to talk to someone, drop me a message :)
  11. neko-chan

    neko-chan Well-Known Member

    thanks.. actually, the only time that i get to sort out my issues is through this forum.. the only other person that knows i'm struggling about anxiety lives miles and miles away from me.. in an entirely different country.. and even her, doesn't know how much anxiety affects my life.. so i really appreciate your offer.. i'll surely message you if i need someone to talk to.. it just gets lonely most of the time.. it's difficult enough that i need to keep up a facade whenever i interact with other people.. just so i don't need to explain why i feel down.. because, honestly, it's easier to just fake a smile than to explain why i feel anxious.. mostly because i don't exactly know the reason why..
  12. AlexiMarie7

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    I wish I had a miracle answer to this. I've only been able to 'allow' the thoughts to pass or to try to distract myself by forcing myself to switch to thinking about something else, or telling myself maybe it won't be so bad.

    But I do know how it is to wake up with the immediate thought of "omg, I have to face yet another day", and that thought can be so crushing and overwhelming.

    I don't know if this applies to anyone else but sometimes I am scared to sleep also as I tend to dream fairly often and waking up from a nightmare in relation to a real life problem I am experiencing is so painful and scary.

    I am going to research some anxiety meds myself, particularly how it is getting off of them and maybe look into that in the future. I'm not able to afford that at the moment: finances, stigma and lack of confidentiality where I am.

    Oh have you ever read or heard of the book Feeling Good: the New Mood Therapy? I am part way through it. I can't say it has worked for me really yet but it has some very good reviews, stating it has been at least as if not more effective for some people than therapy. It's a tough read but I understand the concept of what I've read so far. It speaks a bit about countering your own thoughts. Perhaps you can give it a shot
  13. AlexiMarie7

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    I have used Passion Flower pills on occasion which can take the edge off a bit. It's natural and OTC.
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  14. Petal

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    I too have had success with passionflower a while back, try it OP, won't hurt.
  15. neko-chan

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    actually most nights i stay up really late.. just so i don't need to face another day.. but sometimes i stay up too late at night that i feel so alone.. and i end up having horrible thoughts.. i don't really know what i want anymore.. i ended up losing weight from all those late nights.. apparently the effect of lack of sleep to me is losing weight.. and it's not like i need to lose any.. i'm already skinny as it is..

    i'll look it up thanks.. haven't heard of it before.. i hope it's available here..
  16. Malchance

    Malchance Well-Known Member

    I have to say, going out and working out after work has really made me feel a bit better as well. A nice, simple routine that I can see little improvements in everyday. It doesn't fix everything, but I think it helps some. Also, before work, I like to try and psych myself up. I think "I am going to go there, and I am going to do the best I can today. I will be better than I was yesterday, and just keep on moving." I have no idea what sort of work you do, but that makes me think things through a little better. Going to work sleepy is also one of the big issues I have. I use melatonin and try to chat with people on here when I can't sleep in hopes of getting at least 7ish hours.