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    Just a vent, really. Last night, desperate for sleep and more than a little depressed, I took a greater than the recommended dose of ambien. Nowhere near a toxic level and not all at once - maybe over the course of 4 hours. By then it was clear the ambien was just making me hallucinate and grow even more depressed than before. After a few hours of that, I took a couple mg of risperdal. I don't even know why I did that! The hallucinations stopped about an hour or two later at which point violent nausea set in. A call to Poison Control told me there is nothing to be done but wait it out. Meanwhile, I'm still desperate for sleep and depressed but with the added bonus of not being able to hold anything down.

    God, I hate this illness. If I'd been thinking straight, I would realize that more isn't always better and that mixing and matching is frequently dangerous. But I was just in so much pain! I guess that's it, in a nutshell.
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    Hi there chesutmay,

    I was on ambien long term and while it's a great drug when taken properly, taking overdoses of it will produce hallucinations, a relaxed state of mind, drowsiness. I recommend you see your doctor for a check up just to make sure everything is okay. I'm sorry you felt the need to harm yourself, I hope you do not do this again if you do feel like doing so please talk to someone. You are a great caring person :)
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    Thanks Petal. I don't really think this was a need to harm myself, at least not consciously. But now you've got me wondering why I would do something I already know to be stupid (ie. overuse and mixing) unless I was prepared for unexpected and undesired consequences, on at least some level. I'm very reluctant to admit this to a doctor.
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    We all make mistakes and if we didn't we would have nothing to learn from. Rise above this and let it just be a bump in the road to recovery. You can do this :hug:
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    The most ambien I ever took was like 3 10mg pills at one time, and that got me high as a kite. I didn't hallucinate but everything seemed funny and confusing and then the next morning I totally forgot most of what happened after the effect set in. I wouldn't do it too often though cause I was taking those things for months before I finally stopped. It becomes hard to go to sleep without them, not to mention addiction obviously.
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    My ambien story didn't end with my first post. It triggered such intense nausea and migraine that I had to go the ER to be rehydrated and get an imitrex shot. The most stupid part is that I haven't been able to sleep since - it's been over 48 hours. Not a medicine to fool around with. Found out from both my daughters that they had weird reactions to it, too - just from normal use. I'm not getting a refill on this one, that's for sure.