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  1. LouiseCap

    LouiseCap Member

    Well, I took an overdose last Sunday and ended up in hospital. I took a mixture of pills, I'm not going to say what exactly but they consisted mainly of ibuprofen since that made up most of my cupboard! I don't know how I'm feeling now to be honest, just confused I guess. I still wish that I had taken more and finished myself off but then also I feel bad because I can see how upset I made some of my friends. :sad:

    Since taking them my vision has become blurred and I am always exhausted. Does anyone know roughly how long this blurryness will continue? I may just be tired, I suffer from bulimia so that could contribute. Also I have really bad back pain which I heard could be a sign of kidney damage?

    For those who have been in hospital for OD and been let out, did you go to your own GP/doctor to get a check-up a few days later? I'm wondering whether I should or not.

    Take care x
  2. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    if you are still feeling unwell, def. go to your GP for follow up care. did the hospital set you up with any supports, like a mental health team? if so you might call someone on the team to let them know you are still feeling suicidal and unwell. there's a link here somewhere to an 'aftercare' sheet that many hospitals use, let me see if i can find it for you. it has some good advice.

    glad you didn't succeed. how did your friends react?
  3. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

  4. Steffz11

    Steffz11 Member

    Bulimia will often lead to exhaustion and generally feeling unwell, as for that coupled with the pills, i suggest you go to see a doctor asap, just to check, better safe than sorry. As for your friends being upset, you need to forget about that, your situation is more important, if anything they should be supportive.
    Also, hope your feeling better than you were, and just keep on fighting

    Steff x.
  5. LouiseCap

    LouiseCap Member

    dazzle... thanks for the link! it has helped me alot! :smile: When I went to hospital I saw a two psychologists who checked my current mental health to see if it was ok to let me go. They said I will be given an emergency therapy session within the next 2 weeks (it has almost been 1 week now) and from there I should be referred to an eating disorders specialist team. The thing is, I don't believe that they will get in touch with me because I have been on the waiting list to see a therapist via my GP for a year now. :sad: They also gave me a card with a 24hr helpline to call if I need someone to talk to. I haven't used it yet though.

    3 of my friends know what happened, they were pretty upset because they have been trying to help me for the past year to overcome my bulimia and self harm. I feel really bad because it's like I'm throwing it all back in their face and seems like I don't care about them when I really do!

    My mum knows what happened but she is acting like nothing has happened and kind of ignoring the problem. In the hospital she just sat there and started joking around with her friend who came to see her. She has been ignoring my bulimia since it started as well. I'm just not bothered whether she's involved with me or not.

    Steff... thanks for the advice and support :smile: Yes bulimia does leave me very exhausted! I will see my GP within the next few days hopefully. You keep on fighting too!
  6. Epical Taylz

    Epical Taylz Well-Known Member

    you shouldnt feel bad for how your friends are feeling,
    they may think that the SH is selfish on your part,
    but its about how you feel, not how they do :smile:
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