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Hi everyone. I'm trying to find a good way to do this, and I'm turning to my prescription drugs. <mod edit: Malcontent - this is a pro-life site, we do not give out methods>
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I don't know if there is really any "good way"

Overdoes can be ugly. My roommates friend OD'd trying to kill herself. The drugs did not kill her. She actually spent days in the hospital before she died because of organ damage.


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overdosing is messy and almost never works the way you think it will.
i wish i had more i could say than that.
its not the best thing to do. and im not the best person to be saying that.
please be careful.


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If your going to take a serious overdose you should be aware of what might happen before you die. This isnt like throwing yourself off a cliff or shooting yourself. Once youve taken the drugs in any serious amount, there's a slim chance your going to survive unless you throw up and get yourself to A&E. What's more, imagine if you took the overdose then realised that youve done the wrong thing. Imagine the pain in your mind, would you really want to die in such inconsolable fear and misery?
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