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Overdosing on <Mod Edit:Inmemoryofyou:Methods>

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I haven't posted on here since I had made a plan to possibly kill myself, back in October. I had no idea how I would kill myself. But recently I've stumbled upon the idea of drinking about one or two containers of xxxxxx thus overdosing. It seems to be the best way because I have no access to xxxxx wouldn't hold me since I weigh about 200lbs, and I have lots of trouble swallowing pills. I don't know when I'll do this. If I go through with it, hopefully within the next few weeks. Just venting. Seeing if anybody has any input.
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Re: Overdosing on

Also, you better start thinking more positively as killing yourself is a damn shame. There's always hope.
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Re: Overdosing on

im not really sure your allowed to post methods but since you have please dont do it! The dangerous ingredient <Mod Edit:Inmemoryofyou:Methods> In that dose you may survive still but you would most certainly suffer from liver faliure at that doseage! Can you imagine waking up covered in tubes and needles with your organs failing? It wouldnt be pleasant. Please go talk to your gp and maybe get some treatment for depression or whatever it is that is causing you to feel so low. You can message me anytime to talk. Im sorry that you are feeling so bad. :hugtackles:
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Re: Overdosing on

Hi namine,

Welcome back to SF :)

I think your post will be edited as SF is a pro life site, and as previously stated no methods are to be discussed. Just to let you know :)

I will say though, that overdosing on anything is not at all fool proof and very rarely successful. Personally I have survived a few, and it is very painful, and clearly doesn't work. Please can you expand on why you feel this way? Sometimes its a relief to be able to share what is going on for you.

Please take care :hug:
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ok as someone that tried the OD method I can safely say A it does not always work B as the nice lovely docs told me you are more likely to ruin your liver and spend god knows how long in the hospital waiting to die from liver failure and C if you don't screw up your liver its fing painfull and erm so not worth it please stay a while here speak to people everyone is nice they will all help trust me on that we are all friends here.


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Hi and welcome back to the forum, I had to edit your post as discussion of methods is forbidden, its against the sites guidelines.You never said why you want to kill yourself? Perhaps talking about that would help?
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