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Overdosing was quite an experience..

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so much so that I did it over ten times :mellow:

Every overdose I've taken has been based on an act of impulse. I'd take the tablets and then start worrying. It almost became a routine to take an overdose, go to the hospital and get treated. Which I guess is quite worrying. One overdose in particular was quite severe. I had to have charcoal (which is disgusting, especially through a tube). I ended up with severe hypotension, sedation and I was slurring my words. The strange thing is that I felt so relaxed, it almost felt nice.. I may have been dying, I don't know.

Anyway, my last OD was November 05. That's a great improvement for me as I'd taken around 12 ODs between 04/05. I really hope I can continue doing so well. I don't want to end up in hospital (spending nine months as an inpatient was enough for one lifetime).


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That's one thing about hospital - nobody ever wants to go back. Sounds like you've taken enormous strides. Keep up the good work trooper.


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I overdosed, then I don't remember anything else, but wound up in a hospital with amnesia for a couple of days and other issues. Then they sent me to the mental hospital for a long time -_-

Yeah, I probably shouldn't OD again. Would've been nice to know though...I like adding to my list of experiences. ^_^


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i spent 2 days inpatient in the psych ward and actually kind of liked it. i wish they would have made me stay longer honestly. i was only there for observation though, i didn't get any counseling. wasn't taken seriously at all for some reason. but 9 months.. jesus christ. i applaud you for getting through that.


That's one thing about hospital - nobody ever wants to go back.
Tee hee. I spent 11 weeks on the inside. Eventually, you just get sick of the place and tell them what they want to hear.

Of course, that means you're not as well as you hoped you were.


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Ruby, that's brilliant that you're doing so well, that's so positive and encouraging. i really hope too that this keeps up for you and that you can continue to do well.


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We do have pain. Guess that must be why the OD's are done, at least in my case. I have 4-5 visits for depression to hopsitals. My first was in 1989. I do remember it. The last was 5 1/2 months in 3 different hospitals. (1 month, 1 1/2 month, 3 months) hell on earth, yes. But, I liked feeling safe---just hate the wake up times, rules.
I try not to act impulsive now, but I do plan for my NEXT time. :sad: :sad:

keep being strong, learning and growing.....you can make it.


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Congrats on doing as well as you are....your doing the best you can and your making it through....good on you!!!!


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Congrats on your record so far. Keep it up!

I've overdosed twice, both times by accident. Last time I took a dangerous combination of alcohol and sleeping pills, just trying to get to sleep. I watched the pretty colors spin around for a while, then I put on Pink Floyd and laid flat on my back till I passed out. It was not fun, but at least I didn't do it on purpose.


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I managed to take an OD when I was an inpatient. It resulted in me hooked up to an IV on a medical ward with two psychiatric nurses sitting round my bed 24/7. I woke up early hours of the morning with these dreadful pains shooting through my stomach.

Another OD was quite different. I took different pills and actually took more than the one mentioned ^. I ended up sedated and hypotensive hooked up to a heart monitor. I always wish I would have died that night, especially as I was so sleepy and relaxed. The ONLY bad thing/memory of this particular overdose was that I was forced to have the dreaded charcoal. Urgh. I really should have drank it instead of having a tube put down my nose..

The 'good' overdose was so, er, good that I decided to take the same pills again in a larger quantity. Guess what? I vomited straight away and thus didn't do any harm to myself. I think I ended up staying in overnight. Worst luck.

(Please note: I HAVE taken more than the three overdoses mentioned.)
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