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Overeaters Anonymous, Compulsive Overeating

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I am thinking of going to an OA meeting. I have a real problem with compulsive overeating and as a result am extremely overweight. The obesity is a (pardon pun) massive factor in my depression and anxiety. I can't live like this anymore. I really hate what I have become and think about suicide at frequent intervals, all day long. I don't really want to do it though. I want to save myself. Is anyone else in the same situation? My heads a mess and I wouldn't mind having someone to relate to about this. Dee x


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Going to OA can be helpful, however when group meetings are accompanied by talk therapy, it is most effective. Have you spoken to anyone regarding your eating issues? Often times, there are reasons why someone 'over eats', and exploring reasons can also help you have less issues with eating.


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Thanks for your reply Sadeyes, what you say is true I know, I'll see about counselling or whatever after I attempt one of the meetings. I'm really nervous and I found counselling a bit of an ordeal before. I keep hoping things will sort themselves out without me having to do that, but obviously thats not happening.
Hey im sorry to hear you're struggling with overeating, it must be hard to deal with what you listed on here, if you want to chat im always here :hug:. My day revolves around food largely so I can relate to some degree it's kinda like a love hate relationship.

I know a fair amount about eating properly, working out and other stuff myself so if you're curious to know anything at all I'd be more the glad to help you out.

I'd love for you to feel better about yourself and be more healthy you certainly deserve that. I'm sending you my best wishes.


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i am so sorry that you have a problem with overeating. The entire thing can be so painful. I have spent years in excruciating pain trying not to eat mucn during the day. I hope that OA works out for you. I think that many people have been helped with it. I also think that Sadeyes has a good recommendation re: individual counselling. Maybe the folks at OA, once you get to know them, might know if a really caring and good therapist. I hope you can get some relief from this very painful condition, which I also suffer with :hug:


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I had my compulsive eating under control once I beat my depression 12 years ago. I lost fifty pounds in a year and didn't gain it back until I hit another depression this year. I've gained 40 pounds in a year. I keep trying to stop eating junk food. I've gone two days without any sugar or high fat/high salt foods and I've got a screaming craving for it. It also doesn't help though that I went from 2 hours of exercise a day to zero since I got depressed.
Does anybody have any advice for controlling a junk food craving other than curing my depression? I used to smoke and it's as bad as wanting a cigarette. In fact, I quit smoking the same year I lost 50 pounds. I've had the odd craving for that too recently but haven't given in to it.


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Hey AlienBeing,
There used to be an antidepression med that helpd also with addiction. I do not think that weight gain is a side effect, as it is with other antidepressants. Its called wellbutrin. I do not know if it is still being prescribed. Or maybe there is another antidepressant that could help with the pain. For me, this is a hard time of year, with less sunlight. So I also take vitamin B12. But ya gotta be careful with any suppliments to find out if you need it or not. I do. So those are the two things I would check out. B12 and also rx for the depression that does not cause weight gain as a side effect. And possibly wellbutrin which supposedly helps with addiction as an off label benefit. Hope you can get some help. I know what depression, compulsive eating and cigarette addition feels like. Although i stopped smoking 12 years ago.


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I overeat tremedously now, my BMI is obese too. I get angry at what I have done to myself and how I now must look. It's become a habit to get me through the day, I just want more and more each day and crave. Cola is the ultimate lift for me but I also put on the weight daily. I would be so please to find like minded people who must struggle with this same difficulty. Help one another as I myself am at my wits end :-(.


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There IS help, I promise you....... Yesterday I posted about 'Hungry for Change' - a documentary that I hope will be sweeping through the world soon because within it, lie the answers you're looking for. My daughter told me about it when there were 5 hours left to go on the free promo - but if you Google Hungry for Change, you'll probably find some helpful information there.

I had an ED (compulsive over-eating) when I was late teens/early 20's given to me by a family member for psychological reasons - which I could not withstand. There was a way out for me though, and I can now see it all in hindsight. It taught me so much, I'd be willing to share it.

Meanwhile - the bottom line is 're-education' of your appetite. It CAN be done, and here's a suggestion on how:

You will need 1 Wok, different varieties of fresh veggies, chopped, a little sesame oil for taste, vegetable stock, fresh ginger, chilli, garlic, onions. Basically, you become skilled in lightly stir-fried veggies as the base for 2 of your daily meals and, the good news is that you can eat as much as you want.

Your body will be receiving all its nutrients and vitamins and minerals at minimum cost (a bag of carrots doesn't cost much - avoid the more expensive stuff thats not in season) - @ minimum calorie expenditure.


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Has anyone actually gone to an OA meeting? Any information/opinions/anything really is appreciated :)

I'm in individual therapy and have recently started seeing a nutritionist for my overeating/bulimia. But I feel so alone and I like the idea of community.

And what's the deal with religion and these anonymous groups? Is it ok if you are atheist?


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Alison, I have been to them, in the distant past. For many OA is the perfect thing. For others, not so much. I think its an individual thing. the whole higher power thing with the meetings is that it is based on the AA Bill W whole thing. And as far as I know, that whole model was channeled. Perhaps to try to help people to restore a connection to true power that we each have. So maybe people are not feeling that deep need to self medicate. So that perhaps people are not feeling so very starved.... I do not know much. Just have many guesses.

I used to go to Al-Anon and they would always say, it did not matter if your higher power was a tree. As long as you had something sacred in your life that you can begin to focus on. I think its a practtice and dicipline that gets more honed as time goes on. When I did go to OA, there were people there dealing with bulimia. Maybe there is a phone number in your area of an OA contact person. You could ask the questions and get the answers for that particular group. I do know that for many its a great community.

I do not relate to the Judeo-Christian God. But I am not an athiest, as you say you are. I Just have my own beliefs. They are not part of a religion. I know how painful eds can be. So I am wishing you all the very best
I've been considering looking into OA too. I think the way I eat has a huge impact on the way I feel emotionally. If I could get myself to stop eating junk food on a long-term basis and really get to the emotional root of why I eat the way I do, maybe I would feel better about myself and not so prone to depression. I am interested to hear how it has helped others.
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