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    Everything is so confusing, but when does anything ever make sense? There’s so much to experience and learn, we will never be done. So many things lay forgotten, and we, who have the power to keep them in memory, forget. Memories slip between are conscious brain, like fine sand slips between our fingers. Forever trying to hold on we eventually have to let go and perish.
    Everybody has to come to turns with reality at least once, even if for only a brief second. We drive ourselves crazy trying to keep what we have lost. Our lives become meaningless shadows. We try, we give up, we hang on, we are forced to let go. Everyone’s lives resemble another’s, yet somehow we all retain our on unique spark.
    Some people will try to help others and build them up, while more still use their tongue to cut them down. Destroying so much while feeling barely anything in return, it’s such a sad existence. I’d rather be the one who is forever failing but manages to help people then be the one who is succeeding only by hurting others.
    Yet it is in our nature to hurt those we love, and even those who we don’t. A vicious cycle that we all fall prey to. What might help one person may end up hurting another. Sometimes we just have to jump and hope we grow wings so we may save ourselves, foolishly holding on to such an impossible hope until we are able to hope no more.
    We make promises to ourselves, good or bad, sometimes we don’t mean them, and other times though it scares us and makes us sad, we know we will keep them. So we must ask ourselves, is this a promise worth making, and more importantly, will I keep it? We break hundreds of thousands of promises, but sometimes it just takes one promise kept, to change everything.
    Some people are selfish, and some are selfless. And sometimes when we meet someone and that can change in a heartbeat, or maybe it will gradually change like a flowing river waiting to go into the ocean. People change, no matter what others might say. Sometimes though you just can’t put yourself in a position that leaves you vulnerable yet again.
    So how do you know or choose? You don’t, you make a choice, flip a coin, something, and then you hang on with all your strength and try not to second guess yourself. Could I lay this choice to rest without taking a chance? There are so many questions that humanity wants answered. But maybe we just aren’t ready to know the answers.
    We hold out because there might be a chance that there is a reason for all of this, and that’s what we hold on to. But what if there wasn’t any reason for any of this? What would you do? Would it make you more daring, more evil? Will it make you to scared to move at all? How would such a thing affect us? Would you be in denial even if there was no chance that there is a reason, if we could prove beyond all doubt that there isn’t any?
    We would all react differently and yet so many the same. Life is a curious thing, a thing without any idea of pity. Just curious. Like, what will happen if I do this? What if it was like that, what if we were just a game? Many people play other people like games, so why not life?
    Are we a story, our every move the creation of someone else, our every thought intentionally put into our head? How would we know? There’s no way to know. Like if there was a ‘god’ where did he come from? Is he was always ‘there’, where is there? What was it before this? What happened? How, why, who, when, what? So many questions, I fear never to be answered. Why do we live? Why did this happen? Why did that happen? All sorts of questions roaring through my head.
    So many thoughts won’t stay dead. I wish to forget, but I think everyone does. I mean wouldn’t you love to start over? Figure out who you would be if not the person you were before? I would like to forget, to forget so much. But I would not ever wish to forget them. No matter what.
    What will happen to us? What will happen to our children? What if I do this instead? What if I wait just awhile longer? What will happen? I could drive myself crazy, if I let myself dwell.
    Isn’t it amazing how much difference one word can make? A whole meaning changed, just by one word. Every word is important, for every word could drastically change everything. Now think about what one action can say. What we do, gives away something about us. Words can become meaningless, compared to actions. Crazy huh? How one word can change so much, yet how one action can drown out a thousand words?
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    Crazy huh? How one word can change so much, yet how one action can drown out a thousand words?

    I couldn't agree more hun
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