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    Mind and Heart

    "There is no everlasting solitude,
    everyone will surely find their mate.
    there is no such thing as fatal sorrow,
    no human being exists with such a fate."

    Who are you trying to berate,
    this inner prying voice,
    for me it's already too late,
    you cannot change my choice.

    let me stay in love with it
    even when it may destroy,
    let me hold on to despair
    even when it may annoy,

    these two-faced people all around
    acting like they care,
    I'll be deaf to their concern's voice,
    my own grief i can bear.

    At least I can feel the hurt,
    that's way better than the emptyness.
    Through life you don't need to spurt,
    trance and dreams i want to bless.

    "Well then lace yourself in dreams,
    and again sleep through the whole of tomorrow,
    'cause I, your mind, has no means,
    to disturb you in your imaginary bliss and sorrow."

    kinda just scribbles...

    the LBM drama

    I hold my head in shame because of my very personality
    and additionally of every action i commit.
    Madness broke loose again-
    and left me alone with my mind.
    It's only me and the ancient books,
    only me and Shelly's poetry.
    until i can welcome him back,
    together with my happiness,
    I'll just stay here in solitude
    my acusing, hateful mind,
    my only company.

    Memories' Symphony - Nostalgia

    the sweet tune far away,
    constantly changing, yet the same
    plays the most brilliant of melodies.
    yet as you pass, it begins to sound amiss.
    the once joybringing tune,
    now playing with chimes,
    of pained loss and regret.
    stil sounding from the distance,
    the same favoured notes as before.
    dull pain gripping at your heart,
    killing your soul, until you are drawn
    to the new musics in front of you,
    and forget the old.
    No matter how much you want
    to keep on listening,
    to have the tunes entertain you,
    as long as you live, you cannot stay.
    You keep on moving,
    until again, you lose the precious,
    that made the melody sound pretty,
    feeling grievance clench your heart,
    until, new memories are made,
    and once again, they lie forgotten in your head.
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    You write so beautifully hun
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