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Overreacting Currently


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This is such an overreaction to what's happened but I'm so stressed out recently with so much... just making friends, having really, really good conversations, and they go. They're active online, but go away from me. What is it? Is it because I'm ugly? Is it because I'm not fun enough, that I'm boring? Am I too much? Am I annoying? I don't know what it is and I grasp onto things like friendship and people, especially right now when so much else is going on and it just feels bad. I've not brought up anything depressing, not even small things. I've not been terrible at conversation, I've sent really long messages discussing interesting things, which they've done in return. I feel like I try and I never get it right. Just once, I'd like to get it right. Just once, I'd like someone to care about me the way I care about them. But maybe that's too much. I just feel alone, and tired, and lost for any motivation or will to live.
Sorry that this is happening, I'm not really sure about what's going on.

A lot of people say "be yourself", which might be a good idea. That way the people that like you will really like you, and you'll probably be happier that way.

They're active online, but go away from me. What is it?
It could just be something with them. I think a lot of people have a hard time forming close bonds.

I wonder if you could just ask one of them to level with you. Might not work, but also not much to lose if they're just kind of distant.

A lot of people these days seem to be connected via electronic communications, but physically distant from others, so it's by no means something unique to you.
I dont think youve done anything wrong, but I understand your feelings. I had terrible anxiety a while ago on the same topic, I would cry and worry that I'm not good enough or annoying until I admitted it and the person said I didnt do anything wrong, and they explained reasons for their absence. I ended up annoying them as I got into the habit of asking things like that, but I meant no harm and wasnt trying to be paranoid or anything, just anxiety and the importance of it to me. I guess you could ask people if you were brave enough, but dont make my mistake in asking more than once or twice. I think most the time its just a simple explanation like they're busy, or have forgotten, or thats just their personality not being as chatty etc, I'm sure most times it isnt personal. I do wish people would communicate better though, for everyones sake, and actually say "I cant talk much atm because xyz" rather than just vanishing because in most cases that will worry people or make them self-conscious. I dont think its rare to feel how you do, I've heard a lot of people start feeling anxious or worried if friends/people dont talk much, they worry they did something wrong or people dont like them etc. lots of people will understand your worry *hug
but I totally relate to wanting people to be on the same level as you, it seems rare to find people who want to talk as often as you do, etc.
I hope you feel better soon


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I can't say why someone/s would have this type of interaction with you. Honestly you're one of my favorite people here even though we don't talk that much. You are lovely in person and Lu and I talk about how we loved meeting you and would love to hang out again. You never know what the other person is thinking. Some people are just really crap at maintaining relationships and it takes 2 people. You can't hold up one end of that, you know? I'm sorry it's shitty though.


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Hey, thanks @may71 @lost_in_a_fairytale @Walker @Kitten ^._.^

I appreciate it. I just came to the conclusion that they got bored of me, really. That's all I can see from it? Got me down on myself for a while, I've always struggled making friends so I tend to worry about it a lot.

I thought about it a lot after I calmed down and figured what the hell am I bothered about? The kind of people who do that aren't the kind of people I want in my life, and I'm going to uni in just a couple weeks. I think I'll make much better friends that way.

Thanks all! Sorry, just everything seems to get to me at the moment. It hurt but you're all wonderful for your replies and I'm feeling much better about it :)

Sending hugs

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