Oversharing to the max...(replies welcome)

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    So my landlord and I were just making small talk as I did my dishes and I basically had verbal diarrhea and told him WAY too much. I babbled about a severe med change, that the last month I have been the most depressed in my life, that a bed is being reserved for me in hospital "just in case"...and worse.

    I feel like beyond an idiot...it was inappropriate as he is not my counselor and awkward as heck. I am back in bed mortified, trying not to have dark thoughts about getting evicted for being crazy.

    If I see him tomorrow I will try to apologize. This is hell. On top of everything else. He will probably (definitely) tell my landlady who ah...has some issues with boundaries. Basically, I just made things way more complicated and embarrassing for myself. Last thing I need.

    Rant done. So mad at myself.
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    Instead of apologizing, say how you hope he can keep the trust you have given him.
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    And you never really know what goes on in the head of someone else. Many people, like us, will fill in that mental conversation that another person has and do it in a negative way. I used to do it ALL the time. I am older now so I am getting to that age where I just don't care what people think. (ha ha!) That person may keep what you said in confidence and say a prayer for you just as you might believe they think the other scenario.