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How is it possible that I can set my alarm for 7.45 am and yet don't get out of bed 'til 1pm?! Shit! i HAVE SO MUCH TO DO TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! Why am I such a loser??? Why?>>?>?

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


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Ah the deep joy of sleep disruption. I seem to go nights of no sleep and then I sleep for so long that I feel like death warmed up for the next two days.
Don't know what's worse..too little or too much.


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Yeah, I've been both insomniac and hibernator and they both suck. At least with the oversleeping I get the crazy dreams, so I shouldn't complain. Last night I was a gangster sealion who ruled the world by making clay animations underwater. I'd pay money for that trip!
You are not a loser.. You're just badly tired. Take it easy for a bit and get some rest before trying to get everything done. I know its easier said than done though.

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