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  1. zattw1

    zattw1 New Member

    im just curious ive never actually spoken to anyone before face to face or over the internet about this. but anyways whenever i am so angry or sad or depressed for whatever reason i almost go blind and rip myself up never on my wrists as i feel these are too hard to explain away though it has gotten to the point where half my body is covered in purple scars from years of abuse by myself. i have no idea why i get like this basically i have an awsome life and im even enjoying school and what not. i just dont get it is there anyway for me to stop myself cause i can barely look at myself in the mirror cause unless i wear a long sleeve shirt and long pants i look like i have some major disorder and sometimes i feel i do because 99% of the time im a happy eccentric out going guy i play rugby for my school i do everything i dont dislike anyone including myself. the only thing i feel that truly worries me is life itself i have attempted suicide twice before and im not afraid of death but how do i stop tearing myself up?
  2. Allo..

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    Welcoem to the forum..
    To stop you need to want to stop.. Try and distract yourself whenever you start to want to do it or something.. there are a lot of websites with suggestions of things to do insted, you should have a look.

    Good luck and Take care,
    Sorry I wasn't much help.

    Ally _%
  3. zusanna

    zusanna Active Member

    is this experienced in sort of like, black outs? maybe you should really seek help for this. it sort of goes beyond just a 'bad habit', you know?
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