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I am new here… So hello to all.
So I have attempted a to kill myself a couple of times by overdosing mixed with liquor, but someone has been suspicious I guess and called an ambulance. Anyway, I have been in and out of psychiatric inpatient about 10 times, not including four months in a treatment facility. It has been over two years since i have been inpatient. I have always had suicidal ideation here and there and I have just kind of dealt with it, but lately it has taken over and it is all I can think about anymore. So much is going on at once and not having healthy ways of coping with all the stress is just too much. I get really depressed and cut myself to temporarily alleviate the pain… And then I get depressed because I feel like such a loser because I have cuts and hundreds of scars that will never go away. I am so exhausted from struggling and I believe I need inpatient…again. However, I cannot live on my disability checks alone and I just cannot afford to go inpatient … I feel so trapped, but the suicide thoughts seem to be taking over… I am broken and I have disappointed those I care about… Giving up just seems like the easiest option… What do I do???
can your psychiatrist give you some advice on the cheapest way to go inpatient. i know we are lucky here in canada, it is covered under our provincial health insurance. i wish that was the case for you. but there must be some options available to you. i assume you are in the usa??? your doctor is the best one to advise you. maybe there is a day program you can attend that will be less expensive. anyhow, i think you should let your doctor know that you are relapsing. you deserve as much support as possible right now. wishing you the best,

I think that if you are on disability you should also be eligible for medicaid

I think that any bills that you have x months prior to your application date will be paid if you are approved

do you want to talk about what is stressing you out?

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Hi glad you are reaching out here talking sometimes can help decrease those thoughts the pain. Can you talk to us some more. YOu do need to talk to your pdoc soon okay maybe you just need your meds upped or changed a bit That may help as well. If you get to down call and just talk to someone okay hearing a kind voice helps hugs
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