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  1. nims

    nims Member

    I Came On This Site To Try And Help People And Stop Them From Hurting Themselves. Also I Was Looking For Support For My Self Because Im Feeling Down At The Moment. But As I Looked Around Here Everyone Needs Help And Theres So Many Of You. It Really Has Broken My Heart How Many People There Are Who Think Them Selves Worthless When Really There Worth A Million Times More Than Those Who Think There Gods Gift. God Loves Each And Every One Of You He Made You Who You Are And Wants You To Love Your Self. When You Start To Do That Your Life Will Change From Negative To Positive. I Know Its Not That Easy But I've Done It And Every Morning I Look At My Self And Say "i Love You" Then I Can Go Out And Share The Love With Everyone I Meet And The Response Is Very Satisfying And That Alone Gives Me A Purpose.
    God Bless And Stay Safe
    Naomi Xxx
  2. *dilligaf*

    *dilligaf* Staff Alumni

    Thank you for the message :hug:

    I-like many SF members- need to tink more of themselves.

    Take care of yourself :hug:
  3. RySp123

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    Naomi, you have issues to deal and overcome. In itself, it is more than perhaps you can handle at the moment so looking out for others is overwhelming you and it is normal.

    Do not attempt helping people that are suicidal to lift your own sense of guilt as it would only feel that feeling. It is not your fault in no way that your friend did what she did... but still you carry a feeling of guilt and you have proven to me that you will try to help ohters by preventing their own suicide.... wrong Naomi. YOU cant!

    Each of us appreciate your kindness, your big heart and your willingness to pour it out on us, but if it is in the belief you can change an outcome, a decision, you will hurt a great deal hun.

    First it is wrong as we are the ones that will decide at the end, no matter who or what is said... we are master of our own selves. Secondly, you must now face you own pain and anger and strart looking out for yourself. This being here is a step in itself yet you must find help outside as well. You are piling up, bottling up since when? feb? gen.? Almost a year so it is in my belief that you are in pain and hurting and do need help and a friend with who you can open up and let go some of your burnden.

    It really sadden me seeing you hurting Naomi. I can't imagine what you are going through even though we have had same dwelling but i am not you and your emotions-feelings are yours.

    I'd invite you Naomi to start A Single Thread not to spread yourself left and right which will give us a chance to follow you more easily, and begin telling in writing how you fee, how you are dealing, doing etc... sharing hun. You will be amaze how people are more than ready and willing to help one anohter here.... so some confort you will find.

    You've done two steps. One telling us about your fiend's and the second by admitting how much in pain all this has put you through and still feeliing that ongoing pain. Nothing last forever hunny but till you can overcome this, let us be there for and with you... and for the time being, till you dont find in yourself some strong emotive balance, you can't afford doing the sponge with all of our stories and what goes with it...... it would only further you in depression and you'd hurt more so....... think of you, only of you for now... you can afford to be selfish, we understand this need to preserve whatever is left to be preserved not to drawn.... and will be there all the way with you if you accept and want our help and more.

    Sending you a virtual hug

    Be safe and stay safe

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