Pain down left side of arm

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by White Dove, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    Just wondering?

    I have been taking pills to help me sleep because i cant sleep to much for severe pain. I used to be able to take one or 2 and that would help me sleep, now im up to taking 4 to get the same results i had with taking two. But since i have to take 4 just to get to sleep, here lately i have been having sharp pains that go down my left arm, and it is even effecting my legs now. it is like?

    okay, here is an example i think:blink: have you ever worked really hard and had a strain in your muscles? or like if you sit still it really hurts but if you move it dont? well thats how the pain is.

    when i get this i can sort of rub my arm and it kind of helps to some degree but its not doing much to ease the pain anymore. i know taking that many at one time is not right but i have so much physical pain that this is the only way i can get any sleep.

    sometimes i think im about ready to have another heart attack:unsure: There is this strange feeling of dread.

    And yes before anyone asks, i am aware that i have an addiction to this but its the only thing to ease my pain. i did not know rather to post this here or in addition. im not really asking about it being an addition, more about the pain i feel in my arm and legs.

    anybody know of anyway to help me stop getting that pain in my arm please let me know by pm or here. thanks
  2. soliloquise

    soliloquise Well-Known Member

    i really thnk you should get med advice on this cos none of us are drs :(
    for something as serious as heart issues please call at least for advice? :(
  3. Leiaha

    Leiaha Well-Known Member

    I was really surprised to read this becos, for the last 10mths or so I have had exactly the same thing on my whole left side. I drop things in my left hand and don't even realise til i hear it hit the floor! My arm and leg kinda 'buzz' and are often numb and always painful to varying degrees. My whole left side is weak.

    You really should see your doc. I have a MRI scan this week to find a cause. Definitely seek medical advice.

    Lea :hug:
  4. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Hey Whitedove,
    You definitely need to seek a doctors advice. You could be having a minor stroke or something. Better to let the professionals determin what is happening. If you can't get in right away then you need to go to the ER...Take Care!!~Joseph~
  5. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I agree with the advice of others. the need for more meds to do the same thing is because your body has become adjusted to the lower dose so the desired effect no longer happens. The pain can be caused from many things. You need medical advice to rule out the possibilities and get to the source. With your cancer and other medical issues, this is nothing to play around with. Please seek professional advice.
  6. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    Yeah i drop things sometimes also, my arms and legs dont get a buzz but sort get to tingling.

    Last night when i took them it got to me not being able to breath too well, very short on breath but i know that could just be my asthma acting up. And i was kind of afraid to take the nitros kind of..

    i have tried to get off them. i really have. i tried taking the 4 of them one night, then skip a night but that aint working non at all. i was told by a friend to try and take 3 then gradulay slow it down. so im going to try and take just 3 tonight and see if that will help. i havent drunk no beer in a long time but without that my pain is so severe at times that is mostly why i take so much of the pills. i guess im getting immunie to them and thats why i need more to get the same effect. some times i want it to just take me out so i can see my mom and brother again and at other times i dont. thanks for the replies and if you find out anything please let me know by a pm here. i dont have insurance but if its something major then i can probably go to the health department,etc.. heck already had one major heart attack and like was told to my brother if i have another one it will do me in.

    thanks for the info and help, advice guys! love youns
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