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Pain & Loss For Christmas.

Have you lost a loved one from suicide or thought of sucide because of WCB corruption

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  • No I have not lost someone

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  • I have thought about suicide because of my loss and pain

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  • No I have not thought about suicide, but my situation is feeling hopeless

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  • I have not had any problems or stress with an insurance claim

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New Member
WCB For Christmas
The Gift from our Government, That just keeps on taking.

I wonder if their Children and Families know that other families had to go without at Christmas because they made it happen?
They have choices like any human does. They choose to destroy families lives... No matter how you look at it, the objective result is they do demolish homes, families, marriages, and lives.
They do.
So this Christmas and holiday season I hope they are content and satisfied in knowing that the gifts they gave, and the time they shared, was at the cost of someone else. Just so they can line their pockets.
By what we have seen, they think about it like collateral damage.
They think, "So what if families lose everything, it puts money in my pocket, so I must be the better smarter one"!
They are that cold.
What other way could they be?
It is sad.
And it is real.

This part is for us. The injured workers, Families and others with loss this season.

Christmas is about family & friends. If you have someone.... If you have family or a friend. Hold on to them with everything you have. Emotionally ... and in every way. Stay together, stick it out. You are not alone... You are not.
WCB can destroy a lot of things. Never let it destroy a family or a friendship.
Never let their cruelty destroy You.

Injured Worker & Family.

http://www3.telus.net/wcbbs/ Our Story.

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