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    Pain (rough draft)

    Hit me again, I beg you, make me feel
    One more time, to show that I still can
    Bruise my body, break my bones, carve my flesh
    Make me bleed, I can take it like a man

    Just please stay out of my heart this time
    No more internal bleeding of the soul
    I cannot help but show my weakness
    To cry, to shudder, to lose control

    As time passes, the body always heals
    A lesson gained from childhood abuse
    But the wounds inside weep, then fester
    Its cure simply impossible to produce

    So beat me, cut me, I don't care at all
    My body is no temple, just a punching bag
    I'll smile through tears and even ask for more
    There will be no surrender, no white flag

    But my heart can take no more punishment
    No spiteful sham pretense of affection
    The broken edges cut me to easily
    To be lead along, and then to face rejection

    In truth, what does it matter any more
    So please just listen once, if you will deign
    Just one day of respite before you abuse me
    And my suicide will numb me from the pain
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