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    its lived with you since you were little
    it grows with every day
    it comes when u least expect it
    and never goes away

    you try to hide it with a smile
    you bury it deep inside
    you find that place that makes you happy
    but u never give in and cry

    and then something comes
    that you dont really expect
    it then starts to grow inside
    because you will never forget

    it comes alive and takes you over
    you begin to feel sad
    you try to forget this feeling
    you think of times you were glad

    but it never really goes away
    it only grows worse
    you wonder why it happens to you
    you think it's some kind of curse

    and sometimes it can get really bad
    a depression you've never seen
    you still try to forget everything
    you think it's just a dream

    and if it becomes really grave
    something you've never experienced before
    you lose all hope and begin to fade
    until your life is no more

    but you are strong
    and you dont die today
    because you remember the people
    that care for you in every way

    you will never get rid of this feeling
    this never ending rain
    but just remember the people who care about you
    and never give in to pain
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    awesome poem :hug:
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