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  1. Lowcorn

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    The pain wasent real. Not iltill i let it out. I delt with it all this time. Intill all i could do was shout. I tryed to make it go away. Knifes, Fire, Hurt. Nothing seemed to dull the pain of my broken heart. I dont think i will fix my heart anytime in the near future, so intill then i leave it alone and pretend that i dont love her. Pushing down all the feeling, hurt, guilt, remorce. It dulls the pain and makes it even worse. I know that soon i will have to deal. But intill that day comes. My pain isent real
  2. BrokenPieces

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    it was powerful, you must have been hurt by this unnamed person, i feel your pain, and know what it is like all too well, too many times...

    Great poem...

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