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  1. swimmergirl

    swimmergirl Well-Known Member

    It feels like something is crushing my chest, like a dark cloud is just following me around, like a stabbing pain in my head, it is just awful and I want some relief.

    Talked to my doctor today, it helped a little, but that was 5 hours ago, and now I feel like I am slipping again back into this dark hole. I fucking hate this. And, the more I talk about it the more it makes me feel like I want to explode.

    God, please help me.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Keep talking here let it out okay don't hold onto the pain go outside and scream to top of your lungs if it helps Know people care here and understand so reach out to your friends keep talking to your doctor Keep a journal write down what is happening Ihope this wave ends soon and you can start breathing easier.
    Close your eyes and just go to a place where you can be calm and happy and breath slow breaths take a warm bath it always helps me. It is okay to cry let it all out okay Know we care and we understand
  3. Things

    Things Well-Known Member

    I wish there was something I could do for you...

    Do you like to draw? It helps me sometimes, even if I draw crappy stick figures.
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