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i know i said i would not write on the main forum again but i cant cope with the silence i forced myself into anymore...moms birthday and anniversary of her death is on Thursday...i havent said anything yet to anyone...everything hurts, i wanna cry so bad but i will not allow myself, i learned to keep silent but its killing me. so badly do i wish to die and end the torment i have lived in since mom died but i know i cant...why her why? i need her so badly, I need my mom. :cry2:


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*hugs* broken...I can hear your pain..I understand

I believe it's better to let the tears flow and let that grief out
keeping it in is not good for your health



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i know its hard, i know its hurt, and thank you for letting it all out and sharing the pain with us. i didnt know your mother but i know that she wouldve wanted you to be happy. life is beautiful, celebrate her life and her values, because thats the best thing we can do, to remember them. you are not alone, serving in the army ,i have been through iraq, afghanistan and much more. theres been so many times ive had to look into a mothers eyes and tell her that im sorry. it hurts me to think about it everyday, i made a promise to get them home, but i couldnt.

i want you to know you are not alone. Share the pain

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