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I just talked to my mother, and my brother called her and said he was willing to talk to her, but not me...interesting. I stay out of the family fights, but yet he always blames me but he reallys doesn't know me, he was about 13-14 something like that when I was born and he left home at about 16, floated around with trouble making friends and grandmother's.

My granmother thinks he's jealous, but of what? he did get his life threatnend or get secually abused started at about kindergarten age. He may of left home at 16, but I wish I couldf have traded lives. But now what upsets me the most is he has a bad temper, and very fast one, and he has a step son that's about 10 and he has ADHD and is hyper and he tries...and my brother will tell him if he doesn't keep silent and still with in 1 min he will get the belt and grounded for a week. And he does and he won't admit that ADHD even exists and the teachers have been telling them for years, that he has it he needs meds, and they just send back a snide letter saying he doesn't have it and they are christians and they are this and classy and nothings wrong with him......and that boy gets treated not that good he now feels bad about himself over something he has no control over, and my brother will let his daughter get away with braking things, won't correct her, let's her have/do what she wants and she's about 4 now, but she says: "daddy no!!!!" and he stops and does what SHE wants........I love her too death but she is going to be a very snitty, rude, preppy mean girl that will terrorize because she thinks she is the only person on earth and nothing applies to her. And I don't want to see my neice be that, and I don't want Christian (the step son) to end up having a bad self esteem, and find he needs to self injure.

My brother hates me, and I never did anything but look upto him, he's now 34 years old and acts like a child and acts like a kid does like "I don't wanna play with you" geez, why must he do that, he told my mother he doesn't even want to hear my name. I am a low life and I have been in a state hospital and in rehab and this and that and I left my marriage and blah blah

I feel for my brother, but why does he have to be this way? does anyone have any idea?

:cry: :rant:



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aww I'm sorry your brother is like that.. I have some family troubles as well and its hard to understand alot of things loved ones do. I dunno what you could do but maybe try and help your niece and nephew out... although I'm not sure how you could help them.
sorry that probably didn't help...

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