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  1. solost22

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    Here's a poem I wrote 2 years ago. It describes how I was feeling at the time. I was kinda lost and wasn't sure where life was taking me but fortunitly things are starting to go back up


    I like pain its my love its my crush
    I cut myself for the adrenaline rush
    to you its sad to me its fun
    I'll kill myself before I'm done

    My light is fading its getting dim
    my whole life is filled with sin
    I hate this place I'll bitch and dread
    I feel the gun against my head

    I'm all alone I have no power.
    A bitter taste, it taste sour.
    I feel death he's coming here.
    Its getting close, the end is near.

    Where's the ax? Its in my hand
    I'll kill you all where you stand
    don't look at me I'm okay
    just leave the room and go away

    What's the point of going on
    I don't think I'll see the dawn
    you can see me but you look through
    everybody hates me and I hate you

    One more thing before I'm gone
    and you can go back to being pawns
    in my death the knowledge you'll gain
    life is hard rough and full of pain

  2. RonPSH

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    The mind is heartless...and by nature is greedy and takes the wonderful creative nature of mankind and uses it to hurt rather than help.

    If you ever want to be free of this source of evil, then you have to get some distance from it, see how it works, what it's intended for and how it gets exploited, creating mental illness in everyone.
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