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I am so upset these days. I can't relax, by body is not working, i am not eating or sleeping like i should. This comes from many things. First i have a GF. we have a distant relationship, It works fine if we can meet each and every second week. But in the last her parents have tried to destroy it. It's what i live for now. She doesn't hear ofcourse. We love eachother. Some days ago they took her mobile and her internet, so there was no way to communicate. That was pure hell. I cried and cried. But now she got her msn back so we talk again.

I have one strong phoebia that is bothering the shit out of me. It's not to live with. I want to take my life, i have wanted it for a long time. Some guys were touching her and stuff before, but they have quitted now. But i am still afraid that they are doing it or that they should do it, cause when they do i feel destroyed inside, it's so strong.

I have somekind of social problems too. I get stressed and want to be by my self at school, only with closest friends. This can be a real shit. My parents is also bothering me, they is like "do that" "do this" and is complaining to my schoolwork that doesn't go very well since i can't concentrate a bit

Well life sucks, not meaning...everything is dark now..only my GF holding me up

Tnx for writing this
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