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painful entrance

morning rush

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okay I'm a girl, and when I have sex with my boyfriend, it hurts...is that normal?

As I calm down it hurts less but the pain is still there...and so now I'm scared to have sex...

and I never had a pap smear, because once the nurse put on the spoons and that hurt like hell so I couldn't calm down for it to go through....

sorry about being so descriptive...I'm not sure where to turn to....


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Go see your doctor and make sure there are no medical issues to start off with.

Other then that i would just say make sure you have a lot of foreplay to get you relaxed and ready.


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If you are tense during sex, because you are worried about the pain, it is likely to make penetration painful. Take time to have a lot of foreplay with your partner, and take it slow. This should help make you feel less tense and therefore make sex a more pleasurable experience.

I would also go to the doctor or nurse, and explain the situation, so you can be assured there aren't any medical reasons that it is so painful, or you can receive the appropriate tests to get it sorted.

Good luck :)


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You might want to try some lubricant, sometimes that can be an issue.
How long have you been having sex for? It took ages for it to stop hurting for me.


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It's not abnormal. I second the "lots of foreplay" option; with sufficient foreplay you'll adapt to whatever goes in. Basically, keep going with the foreplay until YOU want the actual sex to begin.

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