Painful rejection: three years later

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by sadhart, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. sadhart

    sadhart Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry to post in this section as I don't want to take away from anyone else's problems but today is three years since I experienced a painful rejection that still hurts. I have opened up a little about this rejection before, but not all the way.

    I liked this girl at school and I liked her for sometime. I sent her a card through the campus mail; it was a simple happy v day card and a poem i was writing for poetry writing wasn't romantic or anything. anyway, on the 13th there was this thing in the campus pub and she sat next to me....with her back turned talking some other guy. I felt embarrased sitting there and I didn't want to stop them from talking. At some point, they left the pub and went somewhere...she wasn't old enough to drink so i guess she went to one of the apartments on campus. needless to say i wanted to get drunk to forget. at some point, i left for a moment and as I was entering the student center, I see her being carried out by her friends as she was clearly drunk. i felt bad and emailed her, though i think a friend of hers told her i was concerned because the next night she came up to me and we kind of talked. I say that because she kept walking away and coming back. finally i tried to open up a little more and day i would really like to get to know her more to which her response was to cut me off mid sentence to say she had to go finish her drink. she went back in the pub and drank her kiddie cocktail and talked to some other guy. i left. she has every right to talk to who she wanted to, but i didn't and still don't understand what the hell was so bad about me.

    there's more that happened later, but im not ready to go into it except that the things she would say not only hurt but were confusing and made me question who i was not only as a man, but as a person.

    im sorry for writing so much, and i know she isn't here to give her side of the story, but im not trying to pain her as a villain either.
  2. BigTomTooToo

    BigTomTooToo Well-Known Member

    Bitches be bitches
  3. sadhart

    sadhart Well-Known Member, thanks i guess?
  4. Snake

    Snake Well-Known Member

    I was about to reply to this thread with a... erm, more thoughtful response (nevertheless, truer as the last statement) but then I noticed that this happened three years ago.
    How are you doing? still can't get her over? I don't think you can't, in my case I carry all my rejections inside of me, sometimes they make the road harder to walk but sometimes they can help me to get to my destination faster, a happy one.

    Three years... that's how much it took for a girl to feel sorry for rejecting my love, my true love, and my response was something like "I already stretched my arms and walked towards you before, now it's your time to do the same" and here I wait, and I don't mind. If she doesn't come to me, then I won't go to her.
    Maybe, she will do the same, she will take notice of you, she was too inmature to realize it then but soon she will notice the mistake she did.

    What matters right now is you, if you take her then do it because you want to, because you share the same emotions towards each other. But if you don't feel anything for her, then leave her, she's not good enough for you and you can get better people to be with you.
    Maybe you don't know how, but you will soon, I just realized this some months ago, so it's not like this is old news too me, and if it happened to me it should happen to you too.
  5. BigTomTooToo

    BigTomTooToo Well-Known Member

    lol She sounds like a ditz don't pay any attention to them. Find a gooooooooood girl :)
    and don't think about it ¬¬ there's plenty of females plodding along this earth.
  6. sadhart

    sadhart Well-Known Member

    Thanks, but I doubt she will ever understand or care the hurt she caused. I keep backtracking trying to see what i did wrong, but it just doesn't make sense. I wish it were as simple just to say it was her loss and go on, but for some reason she was different from other rejections i have dealt with.
  7. lycoris

    lycoris Well-Known Member

    I understand hurting because of something like this. I was rejected by a close friend when I was at school and that hurt like hell. It tugs my heart strings now and then, mostly because I want to be closer with him than I am now. In a non romantic way.

    I know it seems hard but you can and will move past it. The only way you're going to do that is assess the situation and decide what it is about not having this girl that hurts. Is it really that important to you anymore or are you carrying it around because it seems easier than letting go of it?
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  8. sadguy33

    sadguy33 Banned Member

    You'll come across many wack girls want to be hurt and want to be abused(whether its mentally or physically) don't worry about what she said to you. It was most likely what she always says to herself because of her low self esteem and she took it out on you. Find a good girl. I'm not very sucessful at it but I'm sure you can be.
  9. sadhart

    sadhart Well-Known Member

    thanks for the kind words...even though i don't know you, don't sell yourself short in finding someone either.
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