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painkillers | symptoms?

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i dont know what to do, i needed somewhere to ask this where i thought people might answer and not know me at all. ive been taking painkillers over the past few days to try and end my life. i dont know what to do or where to turn. im feeling exceptionally ill. each day the number has risen. i wont put numbers in. i know thats just a trigger for others.
but today im feeling sleepy, ive got a very sore stomach (or abdomen area), moving is painful, and all i want to do is sleep.
i dont know what to do. own up. or stay quiet and sleep it off.
any advice would be appreciated.


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Please don't just try to sleep it off and do nothing, you still have a tiny bit in you that wants to keep on living and thats really great, I HIGHLY suggest you tell someone ASAP about this, this is very serious, your in a lot of danger right now to your body, I fear if you don't do something soon, you will succumb to these pills. If you even the SMALLEST bit of doubt in you on whether or not to do this, stop and tell someone now, please.

I know its hard, is this your first suicide attempt? I'm guessing you don't want your family and loved ones to find out about this, naturally they will be greatly saddened and may unfortunately be angry and shun you for quite a while but it would be nothing compared to how they'd feel if you were gone forever. Please do something NOW! Don't just sit back and think this will get better, your life is in IMMEDIATE danger!


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Welcome to the Suicide Forum. I'm glad you found us. You can always come here and there are many people that would be happy to help you in any way that we can. I am very concerned about you right now because I don't want you to die. I don't think that you want to either because right now you are reaching out for help which is a good thing and coming here can be the first step in getting better. Overdosing on pills is actually a very difficult way to die and it can be very painful from what I have heard from other members. I want to help you feel better about yourself so you can stop taking these pills. What you need to do right now is to go to a hospital as soon as you can. I don't know if you have any damage from the painkillers and you should go to a hospital or get medical help as soon as possible. I want you to please please stop taking the pills and that is the only advice I can give.

Don't give up. I have wanted to many times but I am still here and I don't regret not killing myself. I don't want you to regret anything.

Please take care of yourself and get to a hospital.

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Hey aprilshowers are you still online.If not i really hope that you come back to check this thread!!!!If you are there please post again.i would like to talk to you more about this if that would be helpful to you.Please dont worry though - talking is totally your choice but i wanted to offer!!!Please either post again on the forum or join and private message me or if you dont feel up to joining but would like someone to talk to anyway email me at ThinkaholicK@aim.com and i check that address reguarly for messages.i like the others am worried for you and would like to be here for you.Please look after yourself as best as you can.And as the others said you probably really do need to get yourself to the hospital but i know this isnt always easy so please know that we are here to support you.i hope that you get there and get the help you need and i hope to speak to you again sometime.i will stop waffling now and sorry i havent been much use!!!!

Please take good care

PS If you are still online now how are you doing?


.... im weak and pathetic. i am a registered member, and i dont want to identify myself. sorry. ive been sleeping today. and i feel a lot better. ive done my research and i know it takes a few days for the actual pain to kick in. this is probably the millionth time ive tried to take my own life. so my family are aware of what i do. and yes, i should have gone to a hospital. but i havent. and i really dont plan on going to one. the one thing i will do. i will email my psychologist. i know its a cop out, emailing not talking. but ive lost my voice, or im having a really hard time speaking.
thank you for the replies. ill come back to the thread after a few more hours. not sure what'll happen in that time. if i dont come back. consider that i have gone to hospital. if i do. ill let you know whats going on.
thank you for the replies.


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Hey its ok you dont have to identify yourself.Thats cool!!!!i dont blame you for not feeling able to do that.Its not weak and pathetic to not be able to identify yourself or to want anonymity.Thats ok.Thats what this place its for.i wanted to talk to you and im so glad you have posted again!!!!i didnt mean to push you though.Sorry.i think you are brave for posting!!!And even braver of you to email your psychologist.i dont think thats a cop out.i think its brave.At least you are brave enough to try and communicate somehow with the people around you.You are braver than me right now.i admire you.

i hope that something positive comes out of your being brave enough to email the psychologist.and that if you end up at the hospital you will be treated well and get all the help you need and deserve.On the subject of the hospital i know how hard it can be to go.i would be a hypocrite to lecture you about that cos im not managing it either.Dont really even want to manage it anymore.So i know how hard it can be.i would never judge you for whatever you decide on that.But i do care.And i really hope you do get there.As it sounds like maybe its where you need to be.But i think you know that.Please be brave.Braver than me!!

Good luck
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thanks kath. ill identify myself to you through a pm and explain why i dont want to be seen on the board.
i chickened out. i started typing. and then decided it was too hard and that i wanted medication instead. (i have psych drugs prescribed. a lot of various ones. i chose some seroquel).
im really scared. and to be honest. i have easy access to a crisis line / hospital. its just, i dont want them to know ive already taken things. it could get me in a lot of trouble. should i? i feel fine now..... im just confused.


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Thankyou for that.i did not mean to push you.Sorry!!As i say though i think that you are very brave and i will talk to you there.Please hang on in there.Take care.kath
Please please please go to the hospital! Seriously the pain may come and go and you might leave it too late. If you take yourself in you wouldn't have to tell anyone about it. How much have you taken everyday and of what?

I know that you have no idea who i am, but please don't disregard what i say, if you're feeling scared that means you have some sort of hope left inside you. Please go to the hospital, you're special person, people will miss you.... never feel worthless ok?!

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