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Painted my room!

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left behind

i painted my room black a year ago. my stepdad is forcing me to paint it white :mad: (theres nothing wrong with white only he has painted every room in the house white, EVERY ROOM). he seems to think that the colour of my room is the main cause and soloution of my depresion. hes such a closeminded fool! he dosen't know me at all.


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Quite right Left..doesn't he understand the black hides the dirty handprints :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


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Wow let me lose with a tin of paint any day lol and it could be very therapeutic!!!!!!im glad it cheered you up!!!Thats great hun!!!

Take care


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OH, What great fun too!! I have done that too, great sense of "I dit that!!"
I also like the color combo.



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