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Panic Attack want it over.

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if it's a panic attack henri remember to breath deeply and calmly, blowing in a paper bag might help
change your thoughts and remember you aren't really dying from the panic attack even though it feels like it..

total eclipse

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Hi Henri i hate it when i have those attacks can you breathslowly look around you see where you are okay. feel the things around you too If you can call someone that always helps me I hope you know it will pass that feeling but try to just get grounded okay feel hear and see where you are at hugs to you
what has triggered the anxiety attack do you know:hugtackles:


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Well first lets get you settled. The panic will pass. Like TE and IV said... breath hun. Take nice slow deep breathes in through your nose. Then very slowly let it out over your lips. And as you are doing this focus on things around you. Focus on something as you breath. Keep breathing until the anxiety has passed. Then post more about what has triggered this. Posting and getting it out will help to distract you and give members here a chance to see how we can help. Breath it out hun :arms:

total eclipse

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Talk to your boss okay you may not be loosing your job it may all be anxiety for no reason. You kids need your love okay financing well you will have to talk to someone about that child services your ex who should be supplying you with finances for your children etc don't worry about these things u ntil you know for sure you won't have a job hugs
I hope you feel better. I feel like I may be fixing to lose my job too. There is all this talk and whispering behind my back and my boss called a meeting tomorrow with me and 4 other people. I am not a happy camper.
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