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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by malek, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. malek

    malek Well-Known Member

    I had another panic attack yesterday. Feeling everything crumbling around me.

    Anyway i seem to have found a very good trick to calm my self down, i now seem to be able to take my self out of a panic attack inside of like 5 min. here is how if anyone is interested. i just think and focus on the following.

    Step 1

    Time, time is infinite, nothing i can do will stop it's progress. Whatever i do now the sun will set tonight and it will rise tomorrow. Whatere i do that will not change it is a constant and will always be there.

    this helps me put in perspective that no matter what i do it is not the end of the world

    Step 2

    Then i close my eyes and try to imagine the sun either set or rise and i try to imagine all the details i can as in the sun setting on a crystal clear lake, seing the reflection in the water, feeling the warmth on my face.

    this helps me calm my heart rate and my breathing down

    Step 3

    Then once again i focus on the fact that nothing i can do to stop time from moving and that all i have to do is keep moving with it, somehow, someway things will progress, maybe not for the better but it will progress. once i have my mind wrapped around that i proceed to the last step.

    This helps me realise that my problem aren't so big in perspective and that no matter what things will eventually change and moves the depressive thoughts away

    Step 3.5
    I down a 12 pack of beer in 5 sec ... nah kidding

    Step 4

    no but seriously Then i open my eyes count from 10 to 0 in my head while looking around me and focusing on details of everything around me

    this helps me get back in touch with my reality and helps me better re-integrate my daylie life after a panick attack

    Then end

    for some reason when i do all this and take the time to do it, after wards i feel normal as though i didn't just get a panick attack as if i had just taken a 5 min break from reality. It doesn' t leave me drained of all my energy like before when i did what the doctors said and simpy let the panic attack do it's natural process.

    Anyway this helps me and i thought it might help someone else out there.
  2. bombeni

    bombeni Guest

    Thank you for sharing that. It sounds like a system that could help lots of people.
  3. blub

    blub Guest

    Well step 3.5 is the one I use, is not good. Because what happens to me is, that i want to drink the whole time. I shall try what you do the next time, dont think it will work, but you never know, thanks :)
  4. BeenThere

    BeenThere Guest

    Thanks for those steps...its been so long since i have had a panic attack that i have forgotten most of my good techniques.
  5. malek

    malek Well-Known Member

    i get them too often .. for some reason i forget that my problems are small and i start surrounding my self it them like a warm blanket, then i obsess about them and eventually feel suffocated and like everything is crumbling. i'm also working on stopping that.

    but in the meantime this heps me stay grounded.
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