Panic attack

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by MUtE, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. MUtE

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    My ex meassaged me today then suddenly my heart starts pounding liek crazy, I had shortness of breath and I couldn't really think straight. She asked me to go to a rave with her, and I said yes, but I'm not sure if I should and I have no clue why I had a panic attack.
  2. Brighid Moon

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    Our body holds memories. Sometimes when you are massaged your body can release the feelings its been holding in. Its very normal with massaging and many massage therapists are aware of this side effect. Don't freak out about it, but maybe ask your body (when you're feeling safe) what it was trying to tell you, and see if you can remember what was going through your mind when it happened.
  3. MUtE

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    I ment message not massage, she IMed me
  4. ashes_away

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    same concept applies,I'd think?
  5. fromthatshow

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    Do you still love her?
  6. SickBoy

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    Was it the fact that she IMd you or the fact that she asked you to go to a rave that affected you?