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Panic attacks during holiday season

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by flowers, Dec 28, 2010.

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  1. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    Last year I had panic attacks during the holiday season. It was the first time I had full blown panic attacks. I had anxiety attacks before. But never panic attacks. Now this year its happening again. I hope it goes away when the holiday season is over. Its strange but it can just come on without a trigger, or so it seems. I cannot discern a trigger at all. eg I went to facebook and had one as I was logging on. I like fb. and it doesnt upset me in any discernable way. Than it often takes a long time for it to go away. Anyway, just wanted to post this to hear if anyone else is dealing with it. <3
  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    There were times when it seemed like out of the blue, these attacks would come over me...now, when I think it will be a time that sets it off, like the holidays, I spend more time doing relaxation exercises and such...I hope they go away too...also, I find my meds have decreased them a lot...J
  3. ~Young-Violet~

    ~Young-Violet~ Banned Member

    Hey, sorry to hear about your Panic attacks, I did some searching, I found this article useful on ways you can prevent it, if of coarse it happens again :)

    Source - http://www.thesite.org/healthandwellbeing/mentalhealth/anxietyandstress/panicattacks

    I hope it does become of use to you :hugtackles:
  4. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    Thanks Sadeyes. I try to limit my meds so I do not get addicted to them, thus having to increase amount for it to be effective. It odd how seemingly nothing will set it off. No discernable trigger. I am glad that you are not as plagued with them now. :pinkrose:

    young Violet, how kind of you to post this. I am going to try to focus on my breath when it happens, which is actually right now. Thank you again for posting this. What a kind and thoughtful thing to do. :pinkrose:
  5. cathyr

    cathyr Member & Antiquities Friend

    Sorry about the panic Flowers. Huggs to you. I'm not sure of the difference between a panic attack and an anxiety attack but I usually have anxiety attacks in crowded stores. I had one last week before Christmas in a supermarket which was not pleasant.

    With the holidays almost over hope they will diminish for you.
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