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Panic attacks to dentist appointment!

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by SaraRose, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. SaraRose

    SaraRose Well-Known Member

    So I have to call the dentist tomorrow for an emergency appointment. I think my tooth broke...or a filling. All I know is it hurts so I gotta call earlish morning and hope for the best.

    I have a huge fear of dentists and now I'm having panic attacks over and over and over. I want to cry and scream and just curl up and sleep. I know my teeth are in bad shape- I've always had teeth problems since I was a child, always had bad teeth. So that adds to my anxiety because I KNOW they will get me for something else! Not tomorrow though, tomorrow I only want this tooth and that's all.

    But I'm still scared that it's going to be something major with the tooth. I know stupid to be so scared over a dentist. But I've had horrible after horrible after horrible experience so I am terrified of them!

    Days like today I wish I had someone who could just wrap their arms around me and hug me tightly. Instead I just am sitting here along in bed trying hard to not cry or break down...
  2. snarrylover

    snarrylover Well-Known Member

    Is there someone you can take with you to just hold your hand?

    I wish I could say something to comfort you. I know fear of the dentists isn't all that unusual so at least you're not alone.

    I'm not entirely sure how the health system in America works, what with insurance and all that. Here in the UK we can claim on the NHS so we don't have to pay. I was so terrified of getting my tooth out that they agreed to send me to hospital and knock me out whilst they did it. If anything needs doing, is that a possibility for you?

    You just need to take calm breaths. If at any time you feel too uncomfortable with what they are doing just ask them to stop if you raise your arm so you can try and calm down.
  3. katrina77

    katrina77 Guest

    Sorry Hon. I know a lot of people have a fear or extreme dislike of the dentist.

    Can you try any type of relaxation techniques? From clenching and then relaxing each muscle, starting with your head, and going to your toes. Or counting down, while focusing on relaxing each muscle. Or, do have anti-anxiety meds you can take if necessary?

    Remember you are not alone. Hang in there, and make sure you have a dentist that you are comfortable and who listens to you ~ that can make a big difference. Tell the dentist how you are feeling, he/she may be able to help you relax in the office.

    Good luck!
  4. Wastingecho

    Wastingecho Well-Known Member

    my dental plan doesn't cover this unless i have to have teeth fixed in all four sections of my mouth at once - but if i paid out of pocket, the dentist would knock me out to get the work done - is that an option?
  5. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    I'm all too familiar with fear of the dentist. I hadn't had a panic attack in years, and then last year, when I went to get a filling, I had one. Now, when I go, I almost have to force my mind to go back to something that's more of a happy memory. The last time I went, I managed to force myself to focus on a really entertaining conversation I'd had with a friend just the day before, and that helped to relax me a bit. Or at least enough to ward off another panic attack.
  6. SaraRose

    SaraRose Well-Known Member

    Thank you everyone. I'm going to try what you all suggested because I was told that the tooth's gotta get pulled. Besides my wisdom teeth that were impacted under the gum (so I was asleep for that) I've never had a tooth pulled. So. Yeah doesn't help the anxiety issue. Sadly my family doesn't help as they just tell me it's no big deal. It becomes one though when you're not even classified as FREAKING middle aged...not even out of my 20's and I'm having teeth pulled!
  7. PJLane

    PJLane Well-Known Member

    I feel your pain Sarah and hope it all goes okay with getting the tooth out. I;m quite similar, still in my 20's and have a massive problem with a tooth, and its so embaressing and painful, but am terrified of going to a dentist! Hope it all goes okay with getting it out. I bet you'll feel a lot better once its done.